A Brazilian layout!

“Hi Alastar, every friday I open my e-mail and anjoy the photos an movies, my name is Anderson I am from Curitiba Brazil. I am now 38 years old and 25 years ago I knower Gastão, today he is about 90 years old. He builds the most beautiful HO layout that I know in my City. Therefore I would like today to honor him sending some photos from his layout to your post. He knows everything about railroad as he worked for more than 30 years on the local railroad as an engineer. I learned so much with his histories.

His layout represents the Brazilian railroad during 1970. Please, enjoy the pictures.

Thanks you very much.























A big thanks to Anderson for sharing his friend’s layout. Hope you liked it as much as I did.

I’ve decided to make some changed to the ebay cheat sheet (
latest one is here). Please let me know your comments and suggestions.



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  1. Very Impressed. Good looking Layout

  2. Excellent work

  3. Anderson,

    Thank you ever so much for sending in the photos of Gastão’s beautiful HO layout.
    He has done a magnificent job at assembling such a marvelous layout. I have an idea that you had assisted him and if so, you surely did a fine job as well.

    I am going to check an Atlas map to find out where Curitiba Brazil is located.

  4. A work of art, magical and inspiring !!!
    A R Murrell

  5. Impressed with the interior detail in the buildings. Nice layout.

  6. Hi Anderson, you’r friend’s layout is brilliant, so much detail and skill , a real credit to his modeling , a work of art.
    Regards Ron.

  7. Quite a large looking layout and very well detailed too! Nice to see a Brazilian Railroad it gives you an insight to other countries systems, very well done any chance of a track plan?

  8. Great layout by a master modeller. Exquisit attention to detail. I love it.
    I am 75 so there’s hope for me yet to finally complete my layout.
    Max D

  9. Anderson,
    Thanks for sharing the photos of your Brazilian friend’s incredible layout. Nice to know he is still alive and that you two men enjoy model railroading as a hobby as friends. A truly impressive layout by Gastao.

  10. WOW!!! Thats awesome, leaves my little N Scale in the dust…..love the people in the houses and businesses. Perhaps by the time Im 90, mine will look this good 🙂

  11. Thank You very much for all that You have done with model RailRoading, I am watching and learning all that I can. I did N Scale back in 1976 with a real working water flowing river and waterfall, train yard and roundhouse turn table, to a coal mountain and a lumber mountain, and a large community with stores and lumber company. It was and is a great enjoyment to me. I know You all are enjoying it as well. I am 61 years of age and desire to return back into model RailRoading with many ideas, but I need to get back to work first so I can afford it. Thank You for all the encouragement You have given me.

  12. The night scenes are famtastic. He has done a lovely build. Congrats.

  13. What an amazing layout. Very well photographed too.

  14. This is a very detailed and enormous layout and is very pleasing to look at. There are so many details that he has put into this and must have taken a lot of loving hours to accomplish it to this level. Well done to say the least. Thank you for letting us see this.

  15. Superior work Anderson, beautiful!

  16. I loved the night shots and the well-detailed interiors with people doing all sorts of activity. I also very much liked the curved (instead of straight) long line cutting through the mountain. Great layout and easy-to-grasp control board.

    Al, it could be interesting to create one of your emails featuring a variety of control panels. Just a thought!


  17. Wow! Tudo Bem! Belleza! Thanks for sharing it!


  18. Thanks for sharing this great layout. The “night” pictures and building
    interiors are especially inspiring.

  19. very good

  20. Interior details are remarkable. Very interesting layout.

  21. Beautiful buildings.

  22. WOW!! what a layout!!! Looks like he has a living room for his layout location. It is really big!! Nice work Gastao and thanks Anderson for sharing. He has done a magnificent job.

  23. Beautifully done, very detailed!!!!!!

  24. Wow! the only word to describe this very impressive layout. Well done.

  25. Impressive layout, love the night time shots!

  26. Nice detail, Thanks for sharing

  27. One of the very best detailed night scenes I have seen so far. The lights don’t show through the walls like most layouts I have seen. I know how hard it is to work w/those tiny lights. Very good work and the night pictures show it!

  28. That is a very fine layout. The interior detail is very good. The lighting is very realistic. We can all learn a lot from this gentleman.

  29. It’s layouts like this that keep me inspired as I work on my own layout.

  30. Major work on this layout, it is a testament to your friends ability both as a hobby and the many years on the job experience. The layout pictures are Fantastic really appreciated the detail work, the night shots, but my favorite is the Roundhouse….
    Hope you will consider more pictures soon.
    My best to You……


  31. Very impressed with the lighting displays and the ‘open-door’ idea to the commercial street-side location – magnificent !

  32. You have a beautiful layout and so detail.

  33. Great backdrops, especially the mountains, loved the people filled buildings, full of life, loved the whole thing, great layout all round. Well done Gastao and thanks to Anderson for sending the pictures. Mike S

  34. A well made layout, lots of detail.

  35. VERY nice layout! Would love to see some video.

  36. Anderson thank you for sharing your friend Gastao’s wonderfully detailed and beautiful model railroad. He is a Master Craftsman.

    Thanks Al for sharing it with us!



  37. Wow. What strikes me is the wide variety of color. Unexpectedly (to me), it adds an emotional dimension to the scenes that tickle my imagination.

  38. Hi Anderson (& Gastao) — A marvelous depiction of the Brazilian railway. Finely detailed with much to see and enjoy. I like the incorportation of aspects of differing international rolling stock, as well as structural and automotive items spanning several eras.


  39. Great photos of a great layout Anderson. Could you possibly send a copy of the actual layout and its dimensions. Congratulate gastao on his efforts. Cheers Rossco

  40. A very well thought out and developed empire! One question though. I see catenary over the streets. Does your friend also operate the old Faller powered buses? I would be great if you have some photos of those as well… Hope to see more …. Any chance we might have a video in the future to enjoy? Thank you for your time in honoring your accomplished friend!

  41. just simply outstanding;

    the night views look even more realistic!

    all that’s missing is a lake and a small airport;

  42. A true master of the hobby. Great detail – could we see some more? A video would be wonderful. Thanks! D/

  43. Truly an outstanding gem of a layout. Thank you for sharing!

  44. Very nice work – not a detail missed! Beautiful and impressive!

  45. WOW. That’s all I can just say….. WOW!

  46. Great layout.
    Better than some exhibition layouts I have seen in the past.
    Would love to have a session on it with you.
    But not much chance of that as I am in England.


  48. Magnificent work, so beautiful

  49. Good job, is magnificent

  50. Great job, i really enjoy all the inspiration i get from all who send in. Also want to say hello from the usa .

  51. Beautiful night scenes. Every photo is inspiring.

  52. nice buildings ,they seem to be well lit !

  53. Awesome layout! I especially love the detail and lighting inside the buildings. Those type of details to me really make a great layout. Can you share how you did the lighting?
    Keep up the great work.

  54. Absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful details, especially like the details inside the buildings. Where did he find the people with unique poses? You can tell he has much patience and talent spending so much time with incredible results.
    Thanks for sharing.

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