Alasdair’s latest progress with his layout

“Hi again al, just a few night time photos for you and all our other modellers, I have now got the happy job of creating the town this winter.

I hope all is well with everybody and keep the great pictures and videos coming , thanks again for all help everyone has given



(Images are clickable)

A wonderful layout – bags of character. I particularly liked the night scenes.

Please keep ’em coming. Just hit reply to any of the emails I send and you’ll get through to me.

Don’t forget, Latest ‘ebay cheat sheet’ is here.



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  1. A man after my own heart. Run a layout as you want and enjoy it, not the rivet counters way.
    Wonderful attention to detail beautifully modelled.
    I mix GWR and SR with rolling stock that I like whether or not it happened in real life. That is what railway modelling is all about.
    Enjoy your winter modelling with the town.

  2. Very nice pictures Alasdair

  3. lovely layout and so busy everywhere

  4. great photos the detail is so superb night shots unbelieveable plenty of trains and lots of track keeps the mind thiinking love it.

  5. Can we get a closer look at your control board amd the power transformer/controller stand you place it on?

    I’m trying to figure out a good way to build a couple of flat spots on my benchwork (but not on the layout) to place my train controllers where i can use them but with minimal interference with the front panel fascia and not on the scenic portion of the layout.

  6. Wonderful pictures. Can you tell us more about the control panel for you switches?

  7. Wonderful layout Alasdair.

  8. Hi what a nice layout you have.I have never seen your layout and am impressed.Really like a lot you have on it.Those steam engines are super nice.The more I look at them pictures the more I learn.Thankyou very much Al for the photo’s.Like to see more Al.

  9. I agree. It would be a shame to destroy such a complex and fantastic looking layout.
    Is it possible to get a drawing of the track plan? I tried to make sense from the control panel picture but I am still missing it. I think it is great. Not uncommon to see 2 levels in a layout but to see what I believe is 3 active and connected levels is really nice. More info please.

  10. Enjoyed your photos very much.I echo John M’s comment about your control board it looks interesting too.

  11. What a great layout Alasdair, thanks for sharing

  12. Awesome!! I printed out several pictures for my future references..
    great Lighting as well.. – Rog

  13. I thought my layout was a little crowded Alasdair but now that I have seen your layout,it’s back to my desk to build more structures. I think you have done an outstanding job and have provided me with some very good ideas..

  14. A beautiful layout

  15. Looks very well.

  16. Great job, lots of detail.

  17. What a fabulous layout and night scenes, I know it takes attention to detail, a lot of work and patience to achieve such great results.


  19. A great deal detail packed into a small space! Very nicely done.

  20. Well done Alasdair, lovely layout, plenty in it to keep it busy. I like your controllers too.

  21. nice layout how do I upload pics of my layout for all to see , can you help me

  22. Hi send the pic’s to Al.

  23. I’m really moved by the American layout for sale, I do hope it found a home, it is a perennial problem, the chances of finding someone who shares your taste in layout gauge, electrics, location, era and has a similar space available are incredibly small. At least the builder didn’t have to see it all broken up, as you might if you have to move to a retirement flat, say. I suppose we can help our executors re-home our work if we make it in easily dismantled sections, make a diagram of the wiring layout, and don’t build stuff fixed to walls or in bigger chunks than will go down the stairs.

  24. It looks wonderfully compact and busy

  25. Fantastic it really is you must be proud

  26. Nice!

  27. I have never seen a railway line with vegitation growing between the lines.

  28. For the person looking for ways to mount controls, I have 3 layouts 2 have the controls mounted on slide out boards. I use drawer slides and leave extra wire to allow to pull out. The 3rd I mounted my switches on a board with a hindge so it can either fold down flat or lift up for easy use, both ways work well. Hope this helps some just my way I guess. Tom in Payson AZ

  29. Truly neat stuff.

    Jim AZ

  30. A lot of work here and very well done, but its too busy for me and somewhat confusing with so much detail! But very well done!

  31. The detailing is superb!
    Yes, the control panel is very interesting. Can you give us all some more information on it please? The switches seem to be designed to show on the panel exactly how the points (turnouts) are set.

    Dirty Dave

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