Barry’s track layout plan

So many of you have asked for Barry’s track layout – and Barry being the gent he is has obliged:

“Here is my layout trackplan per request of many readers’ requests. Hope this helps them. I have made this layout extremely uncomplicated with mechanical turnouts as my Grandson is only (6) years old. Thanks to all the readers for their wonderful comments once again and thank you for publishing it. I like to help any fellow modeler in any way I can because this is a great hobby.


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More stuff like this at my fave modelling resource.

7 Responses to Barry’s track layout plan

  1. Looks an ideal plan

  2. Thats a super idea 2 levels.Great job thanks

  3. Wonderful track plan. Makes me wish I had 24′ of basement wall to monopolize.

  4. where does the track connect from the lower level to the upper level

  5. thanks ; it is a simple plan with lots of area to expand if needed good job

  6. Thanks for letling us see Barrys Track Layout It looks great to build Also it would be nice to see it Running and detaled photos of the layout Thanks I will think about building it ..I have a layout space of 4 Mts x 8 Mts

  7. Barry,

    Thanks for the plan really great to see how it was built do you have anymore plans you have done, would be great to see some more.

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