Ben’s layout

“This is my work in progress it has no rhyme or reason it all come from my mind as i go it could be anywhere USA.——-also just a little of my stien & coffee cup col. my train room is 12.5ft. x10.5 ft.


“Hi Al,

Here is a tip, what to do if you acciddently glue a points moving parts.

I did this the other day by accident.

I tipped very hot water on the point, hot water dissolves pva glue.

I then sprayed the point with switch cleaner lubricant, moved the point back and forth a few time. It then freed up.


Please keep ’em coming everyone – share, don’t be shy…

And don’t forget the ‘ebay cheat sheet‘.



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  1. hi, we need a one picture of the complete layout, thank you

  2. Great start Ben keep us posted.
    Great tip Paul

    Thanks everyone

    Thanks Al



  3. Ben, looking good. Is this HO on a 4×8? Just wondering how people are able to get so much track and scenery on a layout of that scale. I love the homemade trestles.

  4. Since Ben did not dut the plywood on his benchwork, what did he use to support elevated track seftions.

    Also what is the maximum grade on his layout.

  5. I think what you have now it’s looking good. You have a lot in a looks like a small space. Like to see it when you have it all done. Best.

  6. Good start Ben, keep us updated

  7. nice layout, thanks for the useful tip


  9. It’s good to see I am not the only nor using EZ track. Love EZ track on my layout. My better half thinks my layout is to big, so I have to start rethinking. I have a lot of the rec room covered. If the layout was straight, it would be four feet wide and forty feet long. Alistair, I will have to send you some pictures before I take it down and rebuild smaller. She tells me to go upward, track over track. Love my HO Scale layout. Austin.

  10. great photokeep them coming

  11. That looks great Ben. I’m glad somebody else has started off running trains then worked out a theme. I know that is back to front but enjoyment is the basic idea.

  12. I noticed on Ben’s layout there is additional present day fuel for the trains and tractors and it even has an additive called Barley insted of Corn. It’s no wonder Ben is having fun building his layout. I wonder if he needs any help, I volenteer. Most people around the world would not recognize this once popular beverage from 30 to 40 years ago – Hamms Beer. I didn’t see any track side construction in that area of the layout. Otherwise, Ben, you have a great layout started. I would like to see it when finished. Have more fun but not with the liquid fuel.
    Regards, Mutt

  13. Thanks for all these tips, photos and video’s. I am working on a N gauge layout based on GWR but some the tips and photos etc have inspired me to start a major rethink to the layout. I may bother you with some photos later!

    Keep them coming.


  14. Great start-up Ben. We are all OCD it seems when it comes to scanning for flaws. That’s why alot of us only “buy” and run the design plans through our minds. Which comes first? The track or the scenery? The track or the buildings?

    I have decided to cut a 3×3 opening in my 4×8 table. Then, i have added framing on both ends to add another 18 inches on each end. I have given myself a 2′ wide access along one side. Next I added 3′ x 10′ framing along the opposite wall – complete with a shelf 2′ below that for storage of Christmas items.

    Now I have this framework almost completed that has a 2 ‘x 11′ walkway. Perhaps you could consider building a second layer over your 4′ x 8’ about 10 inches above the existing level. And, create a city scene. Run some of the track under the 2nd layer as if people would look down from the street level and see tracks running through the city. Less track would be visible.

    I am impressed with the home-made trestles.



  15. If you’re under pressure to use less space, remember the layout doesn’t have to be full-size all the time, You could have it hinged to fold up towards the wall, or you could have a front section that hinged down – used just for scenery if you think it would be hard to make working joints at the fold (eg if you’re using set-track sections) or you could have removeable staging yards that you add on only when you want to run – these can be made as dust-reducing stock storage too, if lidded.

  16. yes yes my kinda lay out building , run trains , all the stuff as you want too

    great great great , I m re painting all my tables to day , and to morrow , all track is removed and 6ft wood bridge is wide enought for two tracks , so you can guess where this is going ………

  17. Too bad we don’t have a pic of the entire layout. This seems to be an ever present problem.

  18. These HO layouts are beautiful but doesn’t do any good for those of us that have ‘O” guage when it comes to a layout that will fit in a smaller area.

  19. Ben, great to see your work in progress, please keep us updated. Also glad to see your staying hydrated with creative juices:) Cary in Kentucky

  20. Great job so far. Keep the pictures coming.

  21. No mistaking R. Petty car #43.
    Ice work in progress. As others, post a pic of as much layout as possible.

  22. Ben, I am doing the same kind of thing.

    I started with a vague idea of what I wanted, then just bashed on to see what transpired. I think it works just as well as any other way, and in my opinion more fun.
    Keep it up…


  23. Yep your right no plans just jump in…I change my layout ideas every time I go in the engine shed…

  24. Ben,
    Great looking layout. Could we see a picture of the whole layout? I like what you have done with that kind of track. That is the track I have and am building my layout with. What size is the lay out?

  25. My layout has no pacific time nor place I am a true fan of your layout. For I too always have a can of Pepsi nearby

  26. The tip about freeing up glued points is great so long as you don’t have point motors fitted underneath. If there is someone out there who has a method of unglueing points without the need for hot water please share your secret.

  27. As to the question about un gluing stuck points, well time and a hobby knife will take care of that. I worked at a mine 50 odd years ago, they never had time to do it correct the first time, but always had time to do it over. That never made seance to me then and it still does not, take your time, what the hell is the hurry? As you will never be done anyway.

  28. Ben
    Nice, only problem I have with it that road bed does not float in the air, as in should be supported some how between supports. However this is your layout and not mine and I think you may do as you please as you are not trying to make me and or anyone happy—–Go for it
    NV Bob

  29. Oh, on the stuck point reply I forgot to put NV Bob as sender, not that anyone really cares.
    NV Bob

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