Dave’s layout takes shape

“Hi Alastair

A couple of pics of the layout in development – will eventually be DCC but, some days I just want to run trains – dragged out the old transformer and ran some Kato.

Love the articles and Pics from everyone else – keeps up the inspiration

(from Kiama Aust.)”

Work in progress – but I think it looks like it will be a superb layout. Well done Dave, and thanks for sharing.

Breaking off at a tangent now – back to Cuba!

“Al, I was in Cuba last month and found these in front of the old station near the Malecon. Also saw some old passenger cars in Matanzas but was unable to get any pictures. I’m going to research the plate numbers.


I have to say, surprised – but very pleased – with the response to the pics of Cuba. Had I known they would go down so well I would have posted them earlier. The first lot from Simon had been in my inbox for months and months… oh well.

Hope you enjoyed today’s. Don’t forget to bag yourself a great deal with the ‘ebay cheat sheet‘.



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  1. It’s interesting to see how nakedly exposed to the public at large these preserved relics of the steam era are in Cuba. If they were anywhere near as exposed here in the States, they would probably be vandalized almost immediately, and decorated with senseless graffiti. In our more, “civilized” society, they would have to be surrounded by chain link and/or actual barbed wire to remain as seemingly untouched as they are shown here.

  2. Looking good! Like the rock scenery.

  3. Dave why don’t you use nickle silver code flex track.

  4. you talents have inspired me to do more…thank you very much,please dont stop..

  5. Dave – your layout is turning into t thing of beauty. Keep it up. And as for the Cuba engines – I really enjoy them. Thomas is correct it is sad to say.
    They would have to have an armed 24 hour guard here in the states. Amd that really is a shame. Keep the pictures and videos coming. Love them.

  6. Very good pictures Perry and Dave. Dave, I like the way you are going with the layout. Please send photo updates.

  7. Love the new layout photos. Especially when they show a work in progress.

    I would like to see more photos of locomotives and trains from around the world.

    Keep up the good work guys and thanks to Al for posting in one central location for all to see.

  8. Perry,
    Thanks for the pics.
    Surprised to see a tender with only 4 wheels.

  9. id love love to find to know how the mountains were made please
    i wish there was someone out there who could show for eg:make tunnels
    people like this man have more talent to teach people like me thank you

  10. I thought those cuban locos were Baldwin


  12. Nice layout ideas and execution, and I’m envious of all the great trackage; the crossovers, long straights, sidings, etc…

    Nice photos of Cuba too; as a percussionist and conga player I would love to get there some day! (-If only we in the USA would stop being so ridiculously phobic regarding political systems not like ours?!)

    And I enjoyed seeing the 4 wheeled tender too, as at least easily 1/2 of my Marx tinplate rolling stock runs about on 4 wheels! ;>})

  13. very nice layout, love the rock faces

  14. great layout there Dave … keep us posted.
    The last couple of entrys with the old engines As Paul said I think some of the old engines are Baldwin at least the number 2 is. Most of the engines do look like baldwin; I am not sure but I remember reading somewhere about a company that was formed in Cuba to modifiy some of the engines coming infor specific needs. There were other manufactures of other engines used also … cannot remember their names.

    Going to jog memories:
    Do any of you remember when the right side of the roof of the B & O Roundhouse museum in Baltimore City colapsed due to heavy snow on the roof. Februay 17, 2003: Blizzard of 2003 (PD2) President’s Day Blizzard 2
    had about 40′ of snow. The damaged created by this was catastrofic. Some sleeping giants would never wake again. Some to be restored beyond even trying. Some could be restored but with scars. This place had some of the oldest and one of kind in exsistance. From the 19th century steam to 20th century diesel.
    I was there with my borther and nephew … my nephew was worrkig there at the time and was in charge of operations. He was helping on his free time on Saturdays working with the people, my hephew’s boss was one of them, to help to restore the damamge to the engines and rolling stock. Artifacts and exxhibits also destroyed.
    2013 today: 10 years later they are up and running again. Triumph over Tragedy.

    Just thought I would share that history with you … reference the sleeping old giants.



  15. Great looking layout, and the pics from Cuba are just plain fascinating.

  16. Well i,ll be ******** what a grand series of loco,s in Cuba , So elegantly poised as well Just wish etc etc etc
    And that layout in OZ the mind doth bogle dothit not , I always new that OZ was a big place !! but just look atb the size of a layout ..WOW and more WOW
    All power to the elbows in OZAs far as the pics are PLEASE keep them coming ,, and a big thankyou to all
    Best Bernard

  17. very nice layout are you on youtube if so please let me know where i can find your videos ….

  18. thank you for the Cuban photos…i’ve never seen anything like these before. many if not most Americans don’t know that Cuba is a healthy place to live…

  19. Hi Guys: Try [TTM] Texas Transportation Museum in SATX San Antonio, Texas. See some masterpieces restored to running order and some standing not plagued by vandals. At the Alamo Dome train station see Engines not blemished by most folks living there without guards nor fences. Lots of places in my America where trains are revered and not molested.
    Your layout is moving right along, keep up the great work and keep the pics flowing. Thx for sharing and showing your works of pleasure. I’ll continue to be watchful.

  20. wow glade to see some one using this kinda track , do to me changing my lay out all the time this is my kinda track use, thanks for the lay out pictures ….

  21. Dave absolutely fantastic mate!!! Great seeing it from every part of the build process. Us lot in the UK are so jealous of the space you guys in Auz and our cousins in the USA have to build your dream layouts! Most of us in the UK get stuck with the bloody box room where you couldn`t swing a cat! So it`s nice to be able to see what could be done if we won the lottery! So keep the pics coming and PLEASE make a video like Northern Dave and a few others have done as you progress with it, because it`s looking the bees-knees mate!!!!

    JohnE UK

  22. Whose track are you using? Layout looks great. Pictures of the Cuba engines are great.
    Louis from KS

  23. There is something to be said for a country without spray paint or maybe since it is poor country the money to buy the spray paint. That maybe what is protecting the engines from getting sprayed with graffiti.

  24. Dave, your mountain rock work is truly outstanding. Can you share your secrets of creating such beautiful, realistic stone?

  25. You are incorrect about there needing to be a fence around them if they were here. While traveling through our Western States there are many trains on display with no fencing around them.The closer you are to metropolitan areas that would be the case.

  26. would somebody please tell me what % copying is needed to convert paper buildings ,as advertised , to O gauge scale ? when I print them out they are way too small . want to get more , but , won’t do me any good if I can’t get them to right scale .

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