Dave’s layout tour

Just a quickie today.

Dave has been kind enough to put together a ‘tour’ of his layout. Hope you enjoy it much as I did.

“Hi Al,

I was asked a few times for the size of my layout , and a few said they would like a tour of it ..here it is …


Still getting comments on the ebay cheat sheet. Thank you!

Keep ’em coming.



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  1. Hi Dave,
    a great insight to your layout, I love the changes, and look forward to future videos and information… I am afraid I still haven’t won the lottery however I will be in contact the day I do.

    Have a great weekend and happy days
    all the very best Paul Wilson

  2. Dave, You are absolutely incredible.
    Your layout defies imagination.
    Keep the videos coming.

  3. Thanks for the tour. Like Dave says 500 channels nothing on.

  4. Fantastic Dave. It may be rude to ask, but how much do you have invested in your layout?

  5. Very nice! I really enjoy watching your layout in operation Dave. Itight be fun to see a video history showing the progression and changes of the layout over the years if you still have the video. Thanks for sharing it with us!


  6. Great layout. Only hope mine will be half as good. Thanks Dave. Al please keep them coming. .

  7. Great Great GREAT!!!

    You sir, are the BEST!!!


  9. Dave, Thank you for sharing your amazing layout. In the 6 years from the start you have created a beautiful, working and detailed Model Railroad. I only hope that someday I too can create a layout as nice as yours. Your video work is spot on. Keep them coming and best to you and your layout.

  10. Like everyone else, I am in awe and look forward to seeing much more. I am with John M in voting for a progression video, but it is easy to sit out here in the peanut gallery and ask for more… more… more. We appreciate all you do send, Dave. (And, by the way, sound quality for your voice seems much better on this video — thanks!!!!) Best regards and keep up great work.

  11. Of the several layouts that I have seen, for basically being an oval track layout. This layout is one of the most active. While located in the middle, just by turning a bit, an operator is in view of a different scene. From a countryside scene, to a township, to a industrial scene, with each section being detailed as if from real life. You are a master of your craft and your small world creation. Four Aces for you.

  12. Thanks all for your kind comments , Dennis I darnt add it up , but another way of looking at it , over the 6 years if I had been as smoker (they are expensive in the UK ) think that buying a packet a day I would have spent more than I have on the layout ….Cheers All

  13. Thanks Dave ,

    you have a wonderful layout.

  14. Dave, you are a master of the trade. Thanks for your videos which are both entertaining and informative. If only mine could be half as good.


  15. Hi Dave — Great tour of the real estate. You’ve certainly accomplished a phenomenal amount of work in 6 years given the size of the layout and the enormity of space to detail.

    As always, great work!

  16. Dave’s layout is outstanding. My great grandson and I have enjoyed his videos and look forward to them every day. Did I understand him to say his layout is 8′ x 30′? It looks much bigger than that. What scale is he running? N–HO?


  18. Really enjoyable watching your Layout Dave. I moved house and I am just starting my layout again so all your useful tips are much appreciated. Are you using DCC? It looks a daunting task upgrading all my old stock to suit DCC.

  19. Hi Dave, superb layout, I am in the process of rebuilding my layout in a large shed in the garden and have been following all your videos. Thanks for all the great tips. You are right about the cost, I think a packet of fags is about £7.50 and I don’t think I spend that amount on the railway every day. Cheers Steve.

  20. Great Layout.

    What I’m really posting is What a Great DEAL on the Bundle!!! I’m not even ready for them yet, but the deal is TOO good NOT to buy them.

    I’m building an “S” gauge layout, I did a “test” print of one of the buildings. I set my printer @ 118%, when the print came out it was all on one 8.5 x 11 inch paper. It looked like HO scale size. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions will be appreciated. I can’t wait to start my buildings, when needed.

  21. Great layout, intricate detail of landscape, buildings. I envy he space and the numer of main lines, sidings etc.

    Please consider the “rate of high speed travel of the passenger cars”. Like to see you put a stop watch and time what a highspeed travels your passenger seem to be racing faster than what scale 70-75 mph dictates; especially around the turns. I just cannot imagine high speed turns without some slow down. Feels like they are racing around at about 100mph.

    Also on your truns and the long passenger cars, I was always advised to have a minimal amount of overhang of cars. Solution is to have shorter cars or wider radius (which you seem to have at a maximum).

  22. You could spend hours looking at this set up and always see something new. It’s wonderful and I hope one day to be able to have the room to make a really big town just like Dave has. Thanks for sharing that, it’s been fantastic watching you develope your model over the past year or two

  23. Tremendous effort for six years Dave! Well done. If you’re doing a rebuild though, we do NOT run trains through goods sheds, both because of the safety of the people working and goods being stored/transferred in the shed, and because you don’t want to block a running line for ages while loading/unloading. Anyway, shunting’s half the fun!

  24. Fantastic Dave; an inspiration to us all but although it took six years, how on earth did you find the time? A very understanding spouse no doubt.
    A pleasure to view your wonderful layout.
    Keep the videos coming.
    Thank you

  25. Hi Dave, love the way you explain your process of building things, even when it goes wrong. You have a great layout there.Would like to see what else you can do to an almost perfect layout.
    Looking at what you have done, you must have something else up your sleeve.
    Keep the vids coming.

  26. Awesome, brilliant, amazing, this is how I would like my layout to look when my dad gets on with it.
    Dexter, age 7

  27. Hello Dave, This video with the wide shots of your layout and the start 6 years ago is an eye opener and the work involved is huge. I take it you found some models of Halifax buses in their distinctive livery…..nice touch! Ian

  28. Wow, absolutely amazing. Love to see your videos!

  29. Dave’s layout is great – but you can’t understand a word he is saying as he describes the layout, he mumbles his words to the point that we miss out on his wisdom.


  30. Hi Dave,
    I view your creation in awe!
    But I am puzzled why your trains run ‘wrong road’?

  31. I have been following Dave for a very long time, I love the teaching and tips he gives out. You have a wonderful layout, so much to look at and such great detail. I have always wanted to build my own layout, after watching Dave through the years I am now been inspired enough to start my own, thank you and keep up the great work. It is the highlight of my week yo get off work and see what new Dave has posted new.

  32. I did enjoy your Model Rail Way. I especially Liked your track cleaning car. Did you make this car, or is it a ready to run cleaning car ? Thanks for sharing your layout.

    LoUiSiAna. U.S.A.

    Lake Charles, LA. U.S.A.

  33. Very nice Dave. I only have one question, “Whar are you using to take and then put together your wonderful video’s?

  34. Great layout, Dave. Thanks for sharing your tour. I only wish I had the space to build a layout anywhere near the size of yours. Keep up the good work.

    Jack in PA

  35. I agree with all the accolades on this remarkable layout! However, I would like to know the width of his center aisle, width of shelves and gauge. Thanks!
    Milton in Texas

  36. Nice video Dave, You have come a long way from start of layout. Thanks for sharing.

    Cary B USA

  37. HI Dave ,
    There’s no brass better & wisely spent than that earned by a Yorkshire-man on stuff that he enjoys. Excellent value, every credit Dave.
    Good Luck with the refurbishment thro’ winter.

  38. Hi Dave, I truly enjoy watching the great videos of your great layout however I have a problem in that regardless of the device I am using ( iPad, Dell desktop or MacBook Pro), the volume of your narrative is so low that I have to struggle to hear it. I have the volume turned to the loudest setting on all three devices . Perhaps it’s just me. At any rate, as everyone that leaves a comment says, your layout is tremendous and a real joy to see. I should tell you, however that you have all your vehicles on the wrong side of the road ( just a little humor from Minnesota). Keep them coming and thank you. Mike

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