Dave’s Monster layout

“Hi Alastair

I bit of a reconfiguration of the layout.

After some time making mess with construction and plaster etc, I get to the point I just want to run trains.
Anyway, have added a mine with a pretty cool n scale rope shovel.

Still a long way to go, and I need the eBay gods to deliver some more scenery material, but here’s some shot from today. Ran some new kato with an old sentimental favorite, the concor black widow pa.



That’s all today.

Don’t forget, latest ebay cheat sheet is here.



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  1. Awesome!

  2. Awesome picks love it

  3. Dave did you a marrow to take your pic’s everything is backwards , dads train room is hard to read,

  4. It looks good and spacious – not overcrowded like some.

    “Dad’s Train room” – Is Dad really that backwards ? (joking of course)

    AL – Is your spelling going to pot – “Emporer (?) Way ” ?

    D. I. Franklin

  5. Hi Dave – Looks like very interesting track plan from the pics. Nice job of scenicking the rugged terrain.


  6. It’s a lovely layout
    and nice to see the pictures. but why are some of the pictures mirrored?

  7. I really like your scenery work. The grounds and rock work look very natural. The mine area is super looking. And enjoyed the close up of the dash 9 crossing on the bridge to show off more of the ground works. Look forward to seeing more as you continue.

  8. like it lots to work from

  9. Awesome work…love it.

  10. Totally agree with You about spending quality time with kids.
    My niece and I spent hours and hours running trains when she was little.
    Best time Ever……
    Nice Layout more pictures Please!

  11. Can’t wait till it’s done you make me want do just as good

  12. Looking very impressive Dave. The scenics are tremendous keep up the great work. Peter

  13. Great Layout, Mate!

  14. Please tell what are those great looking
    Mountains made from

  15. Dave, thanks for sharing what you do best. I am very great full to you for what you have taught me through your continued commitment to this site.
    Thank you Al for bringing it to us.

    best regards.


  16. Hey Alastair. Like others, I noticed that all the pictures for “Dave’s Monster Layout” are backwards. No biggie. Just noticed, that’s all. Great layout, though.
    I work for Caterpillar Inc., which purchased Bucyrus recently. So, the rope shovel caught my attention. I couldn’t read the decal to determine who’s it was, but it being yellow could it be a Cat machine?

  17. That is a sweet a layout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the loco

  18. That was suppose to be….LOVE THE LOCOS TOO!!!!!!

  19. Nice layout! I was wondering where you got the locomotive maintenance building/shed. I like the design of it. I have one more small request or statement regarding the pictures in general. This has nothing to do with anyone’s layout at all. It must be me, I would love the opportunity to enlarge the photographs, my eyesight is not as good as it use to be. Would it be possible to develop a photo enlargement selection link to the photographs?

  20. Very nice layout , more pictures please.

  21. Dave must have 2 things I don’t. Money & time.
    Great work Dave.

  22. Great layout! Well done!Gtave me some ideas for mine. Cheers Rossco

  23. Love the mountains, but the engine shed must have been thirsty work 🙂

  24. Notice this project has drove you to drink!! The 3 bottles in the one picture…lol Nice layout and keep us posted on the progress.

  25. regarding that comment on enlarging the pictures, I go to the top of my screen and click on view and then click on zoom that pops up and then click on 200% and they get much larger. try it …

  26. great looking layout congrats love to see the track plan

  27. I really admire the abilities of you N-Scalers. Trying to work in such small areas and in such intricate detail would cramp my bigass hands and drive the rest of me bonkers! Pardon my French, hehehe. Well done sir and thanks for taking the time out from running your trains to take some pics for us.

  28. Very nice layout. Keep up the good work

    Jim AZ

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