Free model railroad brick house for your layouts

Here’s my second attempt at ‘print out’ scenery. Just sign up for the modelling tips and I’ll mail it straight to you.

(My first one, the rail hut, is here. There’s also a boat load of cheap ideas here too).

I wanted something that would work in any model railway layout.

Anyhow let me know what you think. I’ve made it more HO scale – I think th hut was a tad on the small size.

Traditional American house coming next!

Please do send me in your pictures if you make one!

(I’ll mail you all the printouts by the way, not just this one).


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3 Responses to Free model railroad brick house for your layouts

  1. Hi Alistair. I’ve printed out your brick house, and it reminds me of some of the older houses in NYC, that have little to no yard at all. I’d sure hate to live in something like that, but for the layout, it may be just the ticket. I assume the brickwork and windows are to be glued onto the cardboard mockup. I really see this as happening. If I’m successful in my attempt to put this baby together, I’ll be sure to send Photos.

    Many thanks,
    R.F.(Bob) Martin
    Brockton, MA USA

  2. Hi Alister think the R.B.H. is brill just fits in with the Bus Station I am proposing to fit in my next layout they will make super ticket and control centres for the Bus Terminus in my plan will you send me the wiring diagrams for daisy wiring the controllers also the points (turn outs) I also think the request from AUS R/R they would make good “DUNNEYS” public toilets ,cafe, etcthanks again Tony McGrath

  3. it looks good and I made some of them to my set

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