Georg’s wonderful Z layout

We’ve recently had layouts from Russia and Poland – now Sweden joins the club:

“Hi Al!

These are my pics from my Z- Layout. I hope some builders may be inspired…

Started with an approximate layout made with a program (Scarm) in the computer. I printed it out in scale 1:220 (Z). The plate is made of two layers of styrofoam, one 50 mm and one 25 mm glued together. The whole plate is 1250 x 590 mm The hills are of same material. I use an electric cutter and a scalpel to form the landscape.

There are 9 separated blocks and 11 switches. The “underground” is filled with wires.

The hills are painted with acrylic, first a base color, black/white/red mix. Then several layers of black washes and then washes in different colors until it looks right! Go out and take photos of the real landscape – you learn how it really looks and you will get lots of fresh air to!

After painting I use Woodland Scenics stuff for grass and bushes.

The trees are made of copper wire of different dimensions, the leafs are again Woodland Scenics. You may spend lots of hours making the scenery, adding lots of small details will always improve. My choice is almost no time in front of the TV!

All running vehicles will be weathered.

In the future this layout will be extended with a harbour. (I hope!)
















A superb layout from Georg – his wiring pic made me go dizzy!

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26 Responses to Georg’s wonderful Z layout

  1. Good layout Georg, your wiring looks like mine! Although the control panel looks very tidy. Trees very good as well, especially when you realise how small they must be. Mike Street

  2. Great work,details are fantastic.can tell that you are enjoying yourself.

  3. Fantastic work with all the detail on this very small scale layout …Dave

  4. LOL you are right about his wiring diagram feels like i been drinking. Nice layout though

  5. Very nice layout.

  6. Very nice layout, great detail. The wiring must of been a nightmare though.

  7. Great work Georg, in such a demanding scale
    Steve R UK

  8. love it just simply love

  9. for those of us who are metric challenged (like me in the USA), this layout is approx 4ft X 2ft. Shows you how much detail fits into a small space. And yes, the wiring made me dizzy! I dont understand how Georg kept all the wires and connectors in order and put them into the right spots. I wouldnt have the patience for it. Very well done Georg. Wish I could see it running.

  10. Phenomenal wiring, how did you ever keep track! Sorry for the pun but seriously, wonderful layout, great scenery, and a nice functional layout. The Woodland Scenic people always seem to be my first choice in scenery as well. Job well done!

  11. Exceptionally nice work Georg!

  12. wowo wotta terrific layout….in Z !!
    working the detail that small must take a lot of patience
    and it all looks soooo great
    keep it runnin guys…!!!

  13. Wonderful work in such fine detail.

  14. Lots of wires yes, but notice that they all seem to be color coded. Did you ever see the inside of a telephone switchboard ?

  15. Yes, the wires are color coded and also marked with letters and figures. All trains and switches works too!!


  16. Georg- HO scale is hard for me. N scale would be a serious challenge. Z scale would be totally impossible. Congratulations on an amazing layout. Your wiring reminds me of my TV and stereo hookup. Probably violates every electric code in the world. Why not make a video and post it here. I’d love to see it also.

  17. lovely work

  18. Beautiful! Keep up the great work!!

  19. Thx for sharing Georg:

    Your illustrations of your genius shows. When you finish your movies please share that with us too. I like all that you have shown us. “The detailed HOW TO” will be in your book. Keep up your good works!!

    Harold Jr. Grand Prairie, TX US of A

  20. I admire people who deal in Z scale. For me with my patience its way too fiddly & with my eyesight I would really struggle. But you certainly can put a lot of train set in a small place.

  21. would love to work in Z, if I could get the stock & lineside stuff easily. And if time & money were no object. 🙂

    Brilliant detail, considering how tiny it is.

  22. NOW THAT IS AWESOME! !!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

  23. Great work and GREAT JOB

    keep it up

  24. what a great layout it has everything.hope to see more.

  25. Great work, Georg, but I’d go blind with Z at my age! Bad enough with N at 70! LOL! Keep up the good work!! Looks really good!

  26. Actually, I am only 69…


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