How Dave cleans his track

Got this in from Dave which I thought was excellent:

“Hello again Alastair,

One of my favorite tips is to set the rolling incline to all of the car storage tracks. If the tracks slightly incline to the end of track blocker there is little likelihood that the cars will run out away and onto the mainline. Now working in foam insulation means that a minor wedge of foam must be removed for this to be attained but previously when I did this on a wooden table it was just a matter of cutting the plywood along the length of the parking track and securing the block area of this track a little bit lower than the rail for the main line.

Thanks for a great page to share tips and advice,


“Hi Al , think you may have shown this cleaner before, but I have been asked a few times lately how I clean my track so I have just made this video showing the CMX cleaner I use.



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  1. Thanks for the tips on the track cleaning car and track cleaner solution.
    These tips really come in handy.



  2. I use a hornby track cleaning car, it works well. You need an 0-6-0 or bigger to propel it.

  3. Hi Dave
    Gee you certainly get around . thats a great track cleaning car you have can you give me an idea how much it costs .
    your doin well mate keep the tips commin

  4. thanks for the tips Dave some have been quite handy others quite entertaining I am just wondering do you have the exact make and model for your track cleaning wagon so I might source one in Australia thanks

  5. The track cleaner is a CMX Track Cleaner they are made in HO, 0,and N gauge and the HO is around £95 UK Pounds


  7. In the USA you can find them at Tony train exchange. They cost $278.

  8. Looks great and a good idea–although a bit spendy for me. I’m also wondering that in video like this if you can turn off the sounds of the running train. It’s a bit hard to understand you over all the noise.

    Thanks & keep up the good work


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