How to make signals for your layout


A series of photos which are almost self explanatary for making signals


Big thanks to Peter – a fantastic ‘how to’. Ebay’s the place to go for the parts – keep getting emails on this dealer for the bulbs and stuff.

And don’t forget time’s running out if you want to grab my boy’s bundle deal on the print out scenery. His ‘Big Kahuna’ offer runs until Monday midnight.

Please keep ’em coming. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.



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  1. Hi Peter,
    I was impressed with your photos of the making of the signals. I guess these signals are in fact “HO” scale, do you know the measurement’s for these signals if one wish to make some for an “N” scale layout and I guess the globes would be wheat grain, Red and Green, the power would run off the points, I suppose.
    Anyway thanks for sharing this segment, as I know a lot of modelers will be sorry they missed it.

    Best Regards,

  2. Great how to peter, i must try it……later

  3. Very clever and well done. Thanks.

  4. Hi Peter,
    Very nice photo tutorial. It took me several passes to figure things out, but when I did, it all made sense. Stemar has a good point. Dimensions would be helpful so he could calculate his needs for N gauge.


  5. Very creative and detailed steps without even saying a word. Good job! Thank you for sharing! Regards, Ray Appenzeller

  6. Job well done Peter.
    Thanks for sharing


  7. Very good job, Peter.

  8. Peter,
    Thanks for the how-to.
    I’ll give it a try. Need to find where I can get the ladders.
    –Ben Z

  9. Excellent photos but could we have a few words to explain the process and a list of stock and where to obtain it , particularly the ladders. I really do like the finished product and would like to try to build it up for myself.

  10. PS
    some dimensions for HO would also be handy.


  11. quit nice.thanks for the tip


  13. would bw nice to have some measurements for N scale, was looking for something in this category to make.

  14. When I did some construction of mockups of locomotives in my youth (for HOn3 gauge) I would use brass and silver solder. To clean it up I used a Dremel tool with a composite abrasive wheel (sort of a rubber eraser thing). It would clean off all the solder not in the joints, leaving a very smooth surface.

  15. I`m with the rest of the bunch I love what you have done, BUT I have questions. I assume the material is brass? Also I sure would appreciate a scale, I model N gauge. some measurements would be very helpful. I have a idea I think they could also be made from styreen All those pcs are available in that at the hobby stores. Strange I have been working on some traffic lights very similar with coffee straws and plastic parts i have in my srcap. I sure appreciate your advice and pictures it will help me a lot. Tom DRRR

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