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Im new to model railroading and i really love all the tips, and pics of everyones layouts !!

thought i might share some pics of my first modest attempt at a layout of my own, every thing is hand made from the trees to the telephone poles, it is just in the begining stages, keep in mind i rent and did not want to make something permanent, in case i decide to move !!

so i am making it a floor model and making it so it can be taken apart very easilly.

thanks for all the tips and pics


“Hi Al , just done a few changes again , and added a new small station for the DMU, also a good tip showing some tufts of grass ready made and easy to install on the layout



A great tip from the talented Dave.

That’s all this time – don’t forget to have a look at the latest ebay cheat sheet.

Keep ’em coming!



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  1. Joe I really like what you did especially to the is not excessively complex like many of the beautiful layouts we see here and has the basis of a great layout when you move to a more permenant residence like you own place…kudos to you

    Layouts such as Joe s dont come better than this so called “first attempt Hearty congrats on a job well done C ant wait to see how Joe could improve on the best
    Would love to see his track plan

  3. I also rent where I am living and was unable to take a full size sheet of plywood into my basement. I was lucky enough to find a layout that someone was selling that consists of two interior doors that were mounted on folding table legs and when pushed together make a 72″ x 84″ layout. It originally consisted of 5 separate circuits with two sidings one of the circles is elevated with a bypass. I am now reworking the tracks so that all of the loops will be joined and a train can run on any of the tracks but will be wired that the can be run separately.

  4. Hi Joe,
    Outstanding! I am also working on my first layout, and seeing yours really inspires me! Thanks!

  5. What a great job. I was able to raise and lower my layout but, wish i knew how to build mountains and put all those switches on my set, bob.

  6. Joe, Very clever. When I got my grandson interested in R/R, it was a floor layout w/o the scenery. He loved it. Michael

  7. Dave didn’t want to say anything.Your traffic is traveling on the wrong side of the

  8. I would really like to know what software does Dave us to produce his videos?

  9. Joe that is a great layout.Joe I did poles as well.Maybe you be interested in seeing them.Maybe give you an idea.The ones im talking about are street poles.I will resend a photo to Al.So you can check them out.Keep up the great work looking very nice.Thanks for sending in your photo’s.

  10. Very clever idea, Joe. Completely portable and can be easily integrated into a permanent layout.

  11. Joe, great job should work well for you. Keep up the nice work. Love it for first time I would not have guessed it.
    Best to you. Al

  12. Some really great scenery there, what an inspiration.
    Keep up the good work.
    Good Luck, Bernard

  13. wow what a great layout and conceptual design…and the detail work is priceless…by that I mean one cant purchase THAT kind of scenery…and the modular setup is just what every ‘renter’ needs!!
    good show and keep on railin’

  14. Joe, I am very intrigued by your telephone/power poles!! What did you use for the “transformers” (those white circle thingys)? Nice looking detail on your floor model. dont short change yourself, this looks great.

  15. Hello Joe! Nice layout and I am in the same way, renting. I have a basement and a garage but it is very small, as well I do not anything that is attached to the structure. The floor is a great idea if I can get these old bones up off the floor as I did twenty years ago. I have a few questions about your scenery. The shape of the scenery’s foundation is a “L” shape, made of what material? Masonite, wood or cardboard? How are you attaching each modular section together. Am I correct to say each section is to be considered modular and connectable? Overall what is your dimensions of the layout and each basic section of scenery? Great layout, thank you for your ideas and assistance. Regards, Ray A.

  16. Joe your railway looks neat so far. if you want buildings theere some good good ones which you can download free from the internet.

  17. Joe:
    All of your scenery is excellent and is not overdone as I have seen many time. Your telephone poles are very realistic. What did you use to make them?

  18. great work Joe. scenery looks good. keep on modeling. thanks for the update Dave you make it look so easy.

  19. Joe,
    I’m in the same boat as you are. So I’m build a what I call a portable box layout. Its a shipping box 3’X4′ with wood framing inside to support it from flexing in anyway. I’m having trouble with my track plans cause I only have so much room and I don’t care if its not all flat. So if anybody has any track plans that would help me bounce of it I would appreciate it big time!!! thank you!!!!!!

  20. For three by four Tad you can only really think N or Z gauge. There are some very nice little layouts based on narrow-gauge industrial or quarry railways using OO9 or HOe (HOn2 if you’re in the US) and I saw at our local exhibition the other day a set of ‘Feldbahn’ track and train set which made a mine railroad in HO scale but with what looks like 6.5mm track (representing about 18″ or 2′ gauge – beautiful! I was very tempted.


  21. Nice way to have a layout that you can lift if you have to move Joe, and in answer to Mike , I use power director 12 by cyberlink for editing my vids ..

  22. Great layout Joe! I sure wish I had the resources to build a layout as sophisticated as yours! I am actually getting ready to start up a project here in hot and sunny Utah I plan to buy a warehouse when I have the funds and I plan to build a hopefully humongous layout so families could come to one location to look at trains and not drive all around our city. If anyone is interested to help me build this layout when I have the resources I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

  23. Lovely job, don’t short change yourself, keep up the excellent work

  24. Dave, you are truly inspirational, with your Northern humour and skills you make it look so easy and yet others can easily follow your example. Well done.
    By the way…..your traffic is certainly on the correct side of the road for UK. It’s the rest of them that have got it wrong!! Ha, ha!!

  25. I agree with Norman Backman. Inspirational !
    And the traffic is also on the correct side of the road just like here Downunder ( Oz )
    I love the ginger bread man popping up.
    sent Wednesday 7th May at 11.06pm

  26. Fantastic first attempt Joe, you have done a great job, looks great. Keep up the good work. Peter the Mackem

  27. Fantastic stuff again Dave. I marvel at your prolific talents! Love your videos.

  28. First: WELL DONE!!!
    I love the portable scenery…
    When I was living in an apartment, I built very portable layout 4’x8′.
    Actually, the layout was built in 3 sections, the two end pieces were 2’x4′ and one side was 18″x4’… I also had a “drop in place” bridge to complete the loop.
    I used folding “office” tables to support the end sections and both the center section and the bridge were suspended between. I used clamps on one side and the bridge had a “nest” to drop into on each end.
    John R.

  29. Looks great Joe! you’re a natural.

  30. hello again,
    I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to all the reader’s, for all the very nice reply’s and encouragements, I have since bought my own home and had to take down my layout…it was quite easily done… I’m hoping to get a real platform started at my new home soon..
    thank’s again joe

  31. and also a huge thanks to ( Al ),, It was very exciting to open my email and find my layout in the post!!

    thanks again joe.

  32. would like to know where dave got his black five from please

  33. I look at these benches and think one day I will have the space to build something this big and with the scenery

  34. is this HO or O gauge

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