Lenzo’s End Table

“Hi my name is Lenzo Widmar, I live in Mexico.

When I was 13 years old I saw the model railroad museum at Balboa Park in San Diego and was fascinated with trains ever since.

I built this end table from scratch using an N scale train everything but the cars, people, and train I hand made.
It’s part of my 2014 signature series.


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photo 3

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A big thanks to Lenzo – amazing to think they are all built from scratch. Whilst I haven’t got the patience Lenzo has, I do love putting my boy’s print out scenery together.

I greatly enjoyed doing the latest three, which are below. I think they look great (but have a look and make your own mind up).

But I think he’s gone soft in the head. All the other buildings on the site sell for $9 – but he wants to knock these out for $2. That’s right: $2 a building – less than a hamburger.

(In fact, it’s cheaper than the Big Kahuna deal).

So if you want to have a muck about with some scratch building, now’s a great time to have a go. You get all three buildings, for $6, but only until Monday:

You can print them out to any scale you want too.

You can see some more pictures of them here. Have a look. He’s done a great job on the detail.

And if you fancy bagging this deal – all 3 for $6 – you can also do that here.

Happy scratch building!



PS If you’re looking for the latest ebay cheat sheet, it’s here.

22 Responses to Lenzo’s End Table

  1. This is cute!

  2. What a great way to incorporate a working model railroad into a small space. I love this layout. It reminds me of a briefcase layout I once saw using tt gauge! And suggests a way I might compensate for “downsizing” from my old standard gauge train collection that began in the early 40’s when I received my first standard gauge Lionel train set for Christmas when I was 6 years old. Thanks Lenzo.

  3. Very cool! What’s mor to say.

  4. You obviously have a very good eye for detail as well as having the talent and patience to build a great little layout. Being an ‘O Scale’ guy, I am very impressed with your skill at scratch building at N-Scale. Be sure to send more pictures of future layouts if you continue to expand.

  5. Very cool Lenzo! I will have to try that!

  6. I am looking for New scale buildings. What size are $6 building sets?

  7. Love this (cute) little layout. Magnificent work on the table, too. Consider taking this to a model train layout. I’ll bet it’s going to be the center of attention.

  8. Great talent!

  9. Nice job, Lenzo, on both the table and train.

  10. WOW ! What a great idea . . . something I want to try. Question . . . what size is that table? Diameter ? I guss any coffee table or end table would wor.
    Thanks, KC

  11. wow! great idea

  12. Great idea. Great execution.

  13. Nice expression in a nutshell. Good job.

  14. Great ideal! I never thought about doing this. A friend of mine built a coffee table using an old spool for cable. I actually grabbed a big one from the electric company. I was going to run multiple layers around it for a shelf layouts but I never did it. It is long gone now. You could also use something like that to build a helix on. I think it would be great if someone built a helix where the tracks were exposed instead of inside of a mountain. Think of all the scenery
    that could be done! LOL

  15. Magnificent Lorenzo,
    A model layout and a useful piece of furniture all in the one structure.

  16. nicely done. love the detail. you must have a lot of patience.

  17. Fantastic Lorenzo just the sort of inspiration I needed thank you, I thought I would never find enough room in my house.

  18. My wife ask about me building a new table for the living room . to go in ftont of the windows Now that I have seen what you did I’m going to make the table a little wider and similar to what you have done with the glass top I need a train in it . it was to be 24 X 48 . but with HO may be 30 X 48

  19. Fine job Lenzo. Your layout shoots down the “I don’t have any room for a layout” argument . And the glass top keeps most dust out of the scenery also.

  20. Novel idea, and a nice job – Well done Lorenzo

  21. GREAT JOB!!

  22. I love the end table. Great Job!

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