Mark’s video of his stunning layout

Does anyone recognise these pics??

I can’t find the copy that goes with them. So if they are yours, please let us know about the layout!











And now Mark’s video. It’s quite short – but it really does show how detailed his layout is.

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

That’s all this time. Keep ’em coming.



6 Responses to Mark’s video of his stunning layout

  1. Looks good , nice sound there as well

  2. Great layout mark. How about some more video using the pictures you sent. Scenery is stunning.

  3. The detail in the layouts these folks are achieving just blows me away. Wow.

  4. Very nice work there Mark!

  5. simply wonderful very realistic and I obviously put a lot of love and of doing this section of the railroad..I am getting ready to start at 30 x 24 foot 3 level layouts iand the upper level will Mountains just like yours.. any secrets you can share having your mountains turn out so well like what products you used what mold you used just an outstanding job

  6. Very realistic, felt like I was viewing the real full size scale. Loved the sounds from your Shay locomotive!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents,

    Mike Luhouse

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