Michel’s scratch built fence

“Hi Al,

I though that i would share with you how I made my chain link fences. I first draw a template on paper and placed it under a piece of tempered glass. I then cut some .033 mm and .040 mm brass wire. I taped them on the glass using skinny masking tape. I then solder them and remove the tape. Next I cut some Tull ( also known as bridal veil ), stretch it over the now soldered wired and tape it to the glass. I glue the Tull with Cyanoacrylate to the wire.

If you wish to had some barb wire just cut the posts 3 scale feet longer and glue some sewing tread on the extensions ( again using CY glue). I spray paint the whole thing using Krylon Paint ( a paint that is good for wood, metal, plastic, etc.)





Doesn’t Michel’s fence look great? But again, I don’t know if I’d have the patience scratch building like that – stick to my boy’s print out scenery.

Thanks for all your comments on the latest ones (below). You get all 3 for $6. But only until Monday.

At this price they are cheaper than than the Big Kahuna bundle deal.

You can print them out to any scale you want too.

You can see some more pictures of them here. Have a look. He’s done a great job on the detail.

And if you fancy bagging this deal – all 3 for $6 – you can also do that here.

Happy scratch building!



PS If you’re looking for the latest ebay cheat sheet, it’s here.

13 Responses to Michel’s scratch built fence

  1. What an excellent idea, fed up with wooden fences, I’ll now have to find my wife’s wedding dress. Wonder if she’ll notice some of her veil missing after 30 yrs of it being stored in the loft !! Ha-ha

  2. Michel, Love your fencing ideas. This will make my job so much easier. Layout looks great also, good job! Don H.

  3. nice fence detail….
    but like Al, I dont think I have the patience to scratch all that fence anymore!!

  4. Looks real to me. I wouldn’t want to try to climb over it.

  5. Nice job with the fence , looks so realistic ..Dave

  6. Great idea’ any chance I could see the power towers up close.Maybe copy them.excellent idea. thanks.

  7. Fantastic job on the fencing, great idea. I agree with that comment that says it’s real enough to climb!

  8. Splendid fencing Michel,
    The time taken has been well worth it for the effect. From the comments above you may have discovered an on line market for your fences.

  9. The fence is extremely realistic, but I am not patient enough to do that much soldering. I make chain link fence using screen wire with wood match sticks for the posts and rails.

  10. Michel, that is without doubt the most realistic chain link fence I’ve ever seen.
    Great job there!

  11. What a brilliant way of doing this.

  12. That’s an awesome fence! However, like another of your readers, I am too impatient and lazy for that! In all reality, I am just beginning my first layout at age 78, so perhaps when I get it a little further along, I would try this. In the meantime, I use window screen turned on the diagonal for the fence, and have some barbed wire left from a fence kit. My husband and partner in railroading found me some great finishing nails in the shop to use for the posts.

    Love this site, and can’t find enough words to express my thanks to you, dear Alistair!……Marion in Mississippi

  13. Great looking fencing. Just wondering if you do gates also.

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