Model railroad toilet

Do you remember -how can we forget – the fantastic railroad Duncan made on a construction hat?

Well, if you have, jog your memory here.

And then marvel at Duncan’s latest creation.

Genius. Just genius.

“Hi Al, here is another model made from scrap bits & pieces, Little Flushing, between Andrex Junction & Harpic Falls.

It would look better on a wooden seat but I stuck to the scrap I had. There is a fish on the end of the fisherman’s line under the “water”.

The water is several sheets of old acetate A4 projector film glued together and the shark and sunken ship are placed underneath.

The loco is an old runner, and the coach made from some scrap attempts at scratch building. I enjoy your emails, very useful. D/”

A normal service next time -promise – I have some wonderful tips and a just brilliant ‘how to’.

Have a look how the ‘ebay cheat sheet‘ has changed too.



PS Please do leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of ‘Little Flushing’.


58 Responses to Model railroad toilet

  1. Brilliant. As I sit here in Melbourne’s airport I am being watched by people wondering what is so funny. Thanks for the laughs and I look forward to the next.

  2. Bring a hole new meaning for ..Going to the Loo ..!!well done.

  3. Brilliant; gave us the best laugh of the week. How’s Duncan going to top this masterpiece?!

  4. Absolutley brilliant, fantastic detail and so innotive.

  5. Here’s one railway where you are always guaranteed a seat!!! Great idea!

  6. Ha Ha . What a good excuse for leaving the Seat Up.

  7. how do you get that water effect ?? im guessing its not real, lol.

  8. A brilliant man with a wicked sense of humor!!!

  9. Wow! What a great laughter innovation. Never thought, a loo seat can be made so beautiful. great.

  10. Is this what’s meant bya “bog-standard layout”?

  11. Hi Al,
    Thanks for the laugh Duncan and Al It felt good!
    Because of Duncan … there is a whole new meaning to just hanging out in the bathroom.

    Whats next Dncan. I can’t wait!
    Thanx for sharing!!!

  12. in my opinion, Duncan’s post is nothing more than a bowl full of crap!

  13. Pure genius, it just goes to show where a good imagination leads to!

  14. Brilliant………….very clever

  15. Wow, you have turned a craper into a claper. Well done, I love it…

  16. Awsome imagination. The shark folowing the kayak has been in the news here in Massachusetts. Was this a coincidence or did you take it from the news broadcast? I bet Duncan was the life of the party at gatherings.

  17. Absolutely brilliant! Where do you get the ideas from?

  18. Great imagination!

  19. Must be the potty TRAINing Duncan got sitting it out, never mind the imagination the work is brilliant !!!

  20. Very clever. Hope nobody flushes.

  21. What a riot! What can I say, us Duncan’s are genius’ lol

  22. This is WAY to cool for a mere mortal to conceive on his own! This must have been inspired by the Model Train gods after consulting with Andy Warhol! DO MORE MORE MORE MORE lol

  23. Who says Model Railroading is going in the toilet?

  24. Interesting. Where’s the hidden reverse loop? The first three pictures the train is going counter-clockwise, then next three are clockwise and finally the last two are again counter-clockwise. And based on the time stamp it takes less than a minute to reverse the train, based on pictures 3 and 4 or 6 and 7. Very cleaver

  25. Wow !!!!! First a hat, then a toilet seat. At the very least, he has both ends covered. Finally, someone in this world with a more twisted sense of humor than mine. I love, love, love it. I think I’ll try to make a layout in my wife’s old bra. I won’t have to make any mountains. Keep the ideas coming

  26. Now that is a true modle rail roader to think of this just hope no one in the train club has to use the rest room.

  27. This just makes this day so much brighter.

  28. Brilliant!!! Good potty TRAINer…..

  29. Now he needs to do a railroad around a bathtub. That would be real interesting.
    I am working on a railroad on the second floor of a warehouse I own. It will have floor-to-ceiling mountains, where the mountains go. The bench work is in, and now we are laying the sub-roadbed, and attaching the metal screen wire for the scenery.
    More when I get to a point where I can send photos.

  30. Get that bathtub going too! Neat Job.


  32. There’s no end to one’s imagination if let go! Great job Duncan! Keep ’em coming!

  33. halle looyah! Joke

    Nice project. I can’t wait to see the next one.

  34. You have a great imagination, really enjoyded it.

  35. I think it is absolutely fabulous

  36. It just goes to show anyone who wants a layout, but say’s they don’t have enough space to build one, that that’s just an excuse and if you really want a layout you’ll find the space required. So Duncan has expelled that mith once and for all, thanks Duncan.

  37. I Love It😆👍

  38. Very funny and very clever!!!!

  39. This rail service is aHEAD of all the others!

  40. Great sense of humor. I love it…!

  41. I used to drive trains through Water loo in London but it was never like this.
    Very, very clever Duncan.

    Mac …

  42. I would never have thought of anything like that! Well done!

  43. puts a new meaning on a crappy layout , HA HA very funny

  44. Talk about giving”going to the toilet a whole new look. ” Thank You for the laugh. T.J.

  45. Well, if this dosen’t take all. Outstanding lay out! Keep up the great ideas…

  46. That one is priceless! Good humor like that never goes out of style!

  47. I love it, brilliant idea.

    Cary B

  48. Awesome.
    FLUSHED with the success of this, what is his next one going to be I wonder?

  49. nice, but you have me wondering how the train got turned . I din’t see the wye . One picture its going clock wise and other its counter clock wise . I under stand a train like going from station A to B then back again its going the opposite direction . well with a model RR on the “seat” of the action any thing is possible . Merry Christmas to all .

  50. Love it, what next?

  51. Awesome imagination and creativity. I bet you could go into business and sell a few of these. This was really creative and enjoyed seeing it.

  52. Very clever!! At least this is one Railway that isn’t going down the DRAIN!

    Conductor Dave.

  53. Excellent and so creative…….

  54. Absolutly most creative RR I have seen in some time!
    Nice job,

  55. Yet another very clear statement that the whole point of model railroading is to have FUN !
    Thanks much for sharing with the rest of us!
    Dave, in New York

  56. interesting concept Duncan. The comment by the railroader building mountains to the ceiling in a wearhouse , caught my eye. I am doing something similar on a smaller layout. I was inspired by the mountainous senes at the Balboa park museum in Sandiago California when I was there some 10 years ago. They had mountains some 20 feet tall, spanning an area is about 400 square feet (20′ X 20′) ; but sadly, it seems they have remodeled and the mountains are much smaller now. I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your project as it progresses. …. Gene

  57. Quite the imagination to have come with this idea. Well done.

  58. Great imagination. Suggestions for your next project; how about a bedpan, or a mixing bowl, or an old hibachi grill??

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