Model railway hard hat!

“Hi Al, here is an idea for any odd track and an old hard hat.

This is Hardhat Halt on the H&SE Line. It is going into a local charity model exhibition in Argyll on the West coast of Scotland.


What do you think? Leave a post below. I loved it 🙂

Been adding to the ebay cheat sheet too. Have a look.



126 Responses to Model railway hard hat!

  1. LOVE it!!!

  2. it looks great

  3. looks cool. what gauge is it

  4. Very clever, now I can see a use for all the old chamber pots people have lying around!

  5. It’s Great….I wish I had your skills for making scenery.

  6. Fantastic and realistic use of an otherwise useless article. Looks like you’re ‘using your head’!

  7. Well done Duncon , very insperasional, something different

  8. An OSHA approved hobby!

  9. What a hoot! Terrific! It brings back a memory from the 1950’s of a comedian on the Ed Sullivan show that wore a top hat that had a train running around the brim.

  10. That’s great

  11. Great stuff, very imaginative

  12. Brilliant!

  13. I like it ! I take my hat off to you.

  14. have a fellow model railroader friend with a birthday coming up. might give it a try as a present. will make him wear it at the party. should be fun.

  15. its amazing what you do with a bit of thought!

  16. Brilliant!!

  17. i love it. very differant and it looks great. well done

  18. What??? No tunnel running from ear to ear…
    Love it!

  19. Great Work and artistry!!!

  20. Brilliant idea and for a good cause as well!!!

  21. Great, for some strange reason it reminds me of “Under the Dome”, a novel by Stephen King, published in November 2009. Is there a little city under that hard hat?

  22. Very creative and cever.

  23. Very creative and clever.

  24. Very creative! However, if I use my hard hat for such a train, the next time I trim trees I fear I will end up in the hospital! Inspirational!

  25. It’s brilliant from simple ideas come the best layouts. It’s definitely the take it anywhere layout even to work on a construction site.

  26. like to have one like it. grand dad would love it two.

  27. That is very different and very effective. Well done!

  28. Wish I was that talinted great idea and hats off to D.

  29. D”

    You must have trains on your mind at all times? A
    labor of love. How wonderful!
    Thank you D” for your createtivity … and thank you AL for sharing this with us.

  30. It great this is geting on the head of R/R and getting heads turn for a good cause

  31. Fantastic job a real thought process in this piece

  32. My train is im Standandar gage. It comes very large. I need alarge room to set up to run. I have trouble of the connections. It couse to stop all the time. I get tire of it unless , I hve to tie all the connecrions, lot of work. Suggestion?

  33. If you want to get ahead get a hat, It must be at lease a 6′ 5/8 size,
    it’s great.

  34. Märklin Z gauge?

  35. Oh, man, that’s awesome! Great job.

  36. It is a superb way to lay out a setting. Love It…

  37. a idea for my £2 z gage set

  38. This is a great use for a hard hat. I don’t know how you came up with it but it looks great. You are a good painter.

  39. That is one clever idea! Congratulations!

  40. That has to the worlds smallest model railway.

  41. Cool man cool

  42. Great!!!!!….. Mind boggles as to what can you do with safety boots?

  43. Great idea! I’m getting back into layouts.Now I can decorate my Southern Pacific supervisor hardhat.
    Thanks, Frank
    from Oregon,USA

  44. It looks like an artist’s work. Great.

  45. Very unique and a real eye catcher! Don

  46. very nicely done

  47. And someone told me that you had to wear a hard hat to run your train.
    This proves differently. Now guys, let us see what we can do with all the baseball/advertising caps we have. My wife is to the point I need to go or the hats? I need a reason to keep them!

  48. Cute

  49. How inspiring, a great layout on such a small area, and so mobile.

  50. Fantastic, wish I was as clever

  51. That is beautiful. Well Done.


  53. Brilliant wish i could get and complete my layout. still in progress

  54. What a brilliant, novel idea, that would look really great in the centre of a dinner table for a group of model enthusiasts. Fantastic

  55. Go Duncan!
    Very creative and extremely well executed. It makes a great conversation piece as a coffee table center-piece. I bet it would sell at arts & crafts, hobby fairs or at vendor tables at model railroading shows.

  56. At Last!! Someone has found a good use for a hard hat. Excellent idea – love it. Well done.

  57. Very ingenious!

  58. That was a great idea. cudos

  59. Thats great but dont let it go to your head

  60. very good, is it n gauge???

  61. Eish! (Wow!!) not just a great idea, also looking very professional

  62. it just takes a good idea to make it happened…..

  63. This is absolutely adorable. What a unique and fun little layout. I will have to remember it, if I ever have the need for an idea for a unique charity item. I imagine such a layout would bring in a lot if it were auctioned off!

  64. My wife said,”cool!!!” and me too.

  65. can’t do that with my O scale


  67. when your good,your good

  68. hey that small train layout is sooo awesome I love it

  69. very interesting interesting

  70. I love it you should be proud and I hope the charity is to

  71. Fantastic. Very very well thought out & good on you mate doing it for charity.
    Respect to you.
    It just shows what you can do even if you havnt got much room.
    All the best

  72. This is pretty d*mn cool if I do say so myself!!!!!!!! I love this kind of stuff… the wall stuff. Or in this case off the head stuff!!!!! Keep up the great work everybody I love this site!!!!!!

  73. awesme

  74. After spending all my working life in mining and shipbuilding I would have felt proud to wear that at work!! But I would need a long extension cord lol.
    well done mate!!!

  75. Great job and very creative!!! It’s got to be Z or maybe N , yes ?

  76. Wonderful. Long live inspiration and generosity!

  77. Now I’ve seen everything. Great imagination and conversational too!

  78. I think I’ve been there.

  79. That is amazing. Cudos to the designer for coming up with such an idea.

  80. I guess that if one extrapolates, people with swelled heads have larger layouts! 🙂

  81. great would be good to see in live well done 🙂

  82. Great little railroad. So cute. Loved it.

  83. absolute genius

  84. If you want to get ahead – get a hat. Great

  85. stunning i hope it raises as many pounds as it does smiles good work duncan all the best for your charit y fundraiser

  86. Well Done!
    A masterwork of creativity and with flawless execution to boot!

  87. Is this the definition of a “Rail Head”?

  88. Very creative.

  89. If You Were To Cut It in Half, It Could Become An Out Door Concert Arena With Stage Inside. Very Much Like The One In Sydney Aus. Ill Get Right On It! Thanks Fo The Idea!

  90. Brilliant! Looks like the scale has to be Z scale, or smaller?
    And I loved Gruffalo Granddad’s suggestion as a use for surplus chamber pots! Not many of those still around, but they do get in the way.

  91. This idea would also suffice for an astronomical observatory, with a few cuts and a little ingenuity here and there! Actually when I first saw the picture, I thought that was it’s purpose until I saw the track!

  92. Very well done…have you thought of running for ‘parliament’, It seems as though both of our countries could do so much better if we each had a few people like you running our countries…Great job.. keep up the great work and thanks for sharing..
    Pryor, Oklahoma

  93. Very Cool and imaginative – Imaginations of the Human Brain Rule the World.

  94. Put the transformer inside the hat and add and on/off button on top of the helmet, and if you want, a variable speed control knob as well. In other words, make it fully self contained. Great Paint/ background. Nice!

  95. I have had the same idea in Z scale, nut was unsure of the tight radius and the right locomotive to use. Loco and two flats with minature hard hat loads. Michael C.

  96. You’ve got to hand it to him, he’s way aHEAD of the game

  97. Well rounded layout

  98. SKILLS and IMAGINATION rare combo

  99. If you really want to go to the extreem with your hat model railway try TGauge at 1:450 it would it work well also I believe the track has a good amount of iron in it and the wheels are magnetic so it would stay on the hat.

    Denis (British N)

  100. Now I have seen everything. Looks kind of nice. Good woork.

  101. Brilliant.

  102. it looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Very neat idea.

  104. I think that is a really neat way to utilize old hardhats that can’t be used on jobs anymore. Plus it makes for a nice centerpiece on a coffee table and you still get to enjoy a model train set

  105. What gauge ?

  106. WOW!!!! Verycool!!!!! 🙂

  107. great. it must be Z scale. If I could send the pictures of my Z scale layout I would and may be Al would post them. But I am comp illerate and do not know how. Hopefully the next time my daughter comes in from Erie,,Pa. she can help me.

  108. I love the layout
    It gives me some ideas

  109. Look like T Gauge

  110. Amazing….. so many clever ideas found here. Thanks!

  111. Super Coooool.

  112. If you have a hard hat that would be the cats whiskers to build. thanks for the show. John

  113. That is the best small (and I do mean small) layout I have ever seen. Just think of the hit you will make with your grandchildren at Christmas time wearing it! Keep more great ideas like that coming.

  114. DC or DCC?

  115. Now that was a highly creative and well executed plan and layout! I’ll never look at another hard hat the same way now! Great job!!

  116. I wish every one could be as smart as you D !
    Keep going and you might make giving to charity work a better way to
    support those in need .

  117. I think someone has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands.

  118. That is a nice micro layout. This should be entered also with
    Carl passed away but his son has kept this great site going. It features micro sized layouts and is a terrific mind stretcher. This site eliminates any and all excuses for building a model layout.

    Nice work.

  119. You just blew a hole in my theory “bigger is better”. Congrats! Very imaginative.



  122. Love it! I wish I could think of such things! I have enough trouble keeping going with my full size (OO) layout! Well done!

    Dirty Dave

  123. Love it!

  124. I’ve heard of water on the brain but this is definitely train on the brain or let the train run round the brain but at least you used your head hats off to you.
    Enough puns .Great piece of work and just proves you don’t need a massive cellar to build a very nice little railway.

  125. Great Job!!! I enjoyed seeing a recycled hard hat. Rossco SA

  126. Now thats different. Has to be Z scale

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