More fantastic pics from Tom

Wow! Tom has kindly sent in more pics after all your comments from last time.

But Tom – it’s a video we all want to see!

Just an amazing layout. A big thank you, Tom. We’ve all enjoyed your talent.

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  1. love the dirt and old rail town feel of his work….railroads are typically dirty seedy looking places and not all glitz and shine…loved the junk piles,dirty places,vehicles and bad roofs of his buildings as it totally removes any feel of the dreaded “plasticville” look that many think looks good…Great job!

  2. Keep em coming Tom. Brilliant layout.

  3. What about that then? The attention to small detail really does do the business
    With so much clutter and junk lying about it puts me in mind of my own

    Tom has got to be congratulated on producing a really interesting layout ,long may he do so, in the meantime thankyou for letting us see all those layouts and of course the tips .
    Best Regards Bernard and Jayne (just down the road from the Severn ValleyRailway)

  4. Double WoW ! I so like the uncluttered look of what I have seen. It seems to be a lots art ?

    Thank you again for all you have offered and allowed us all to view these many months, it is truly a pleasure.

    Thank you

  5. An outstanding job with some of the best attention to detail I have seen. Great Job!!!!!

  6. This series by Tom is excellent. Seeing the detail in the rustic settings – a steam locomotive on a city street – various settings displaying men at work. I almost expected to see an old corn silo beside a rural station. Many years ago the one in our village burned to the ground because of internal combustion. It burned for almost a week. The alcohol in there must have been potent. It couldn’t be put out by our local fire department so it was left to its fate.

  7. Another comment. A video might be okay too, but would it take away from what we are seeing here??

  8. Very,very cool. Gave me a stiffy.

  9. He’s got more talent in his little finger than I have in my whole body! fantastic and very realistic layout.

  10. Tom, the pictures are fantastic. I like the pictures because I have time to look over all the little details that have been put into the scene. With video, things are moving to fast to catch all of that. Keep sending those “still” pictures. I enjoy every one of them.

  11. Fantastic very realistic.
    Me parece un trabajo muy realista y acabado, con lujo de detalles.

  12. Hi, The whole layout is brilliant, but those building are amazing.

  13. Exceptionally nice Tom, very detail oriented. Keep up the great work.

  14. Your pictures Tom are amazing and extremely realistic. Do you make your buildings from scratch? If so what materials do use use and what manufactures do you use for doors, windows, siding and roofs.

    Also how do you make your trees

  15. Wonderful.

  16. Tom – What a fantastic looking layout. It’s hard to build a structure straight and true. I can only imagine how hard it is to build one that looks run-down, dilapidated and worn-out. Great job. Looking forward to the movie!

  17. This is awesome! I love the rustic look. The detail is great. I sure wish that I could get my scenery to look as real. Thanks for sharing these pictures. They are inspiring.

  18. Really cool pics, love the attention to detail

  19. Beautiful layout and really nice photos. Love it, thanks for sharing.

  20. very real looking… great job

  21. Absolutely fabulous. Far too many layouts and Rolling stock are much too pristine. The only drawback (nitpicking) is that all that wonderful detailing does detract from the actual railway.

  22. Every scene tells a story. Not just incredibly skilled detail work, but fantastic imagination as well. Congratulations!

  23. Tom – superior workmanship! All the accolades given you are well deserved. The attention to minute scenic detail is second to none. Love the era and the superb weathering from vehicles to buildings to trash and miscellaneous objects. Figures always add another dimension to any setting and yours have special appeal given the many with unique features (like the man in the deep sea diving suit…).

    I would love to see a video; a sort of tour of the layout following a train around the layout. I’m sure it would be amazing if mixed with photos to stop the action as the video reaches points of visual interest. The photo would give the viewer time to digest the amazing details. Then the video would continue from there doing the same thing with other photos along the route… And the atmosphere you’ve captured in photos would be maintained if shot under soft flourescent lighting to allow for shadows and eliminate any harsh glaring.

    Magnificent. Keep up the good work!

  24. A true artist at work!! beautifully done!! You truly bring this layout to life in the work that has been performed. Thislooks just like pictures i have seen from the past its like you hae went pack in time and are able to live there. Lol truly inspirational.


  26. The detail is just wonderful and finished off so brilliantly. Well done and please send more if you can, it’s inspiring

  27. sure could use your talent on my layout-SUPERIOR

  28. Thanks for these great pics. There are some MRR scene recreations that evoke feelings of having been there once, perhaps in a past life? ;>})

    And these are just so…



  29. Can you tell me who makes that “switcher” engine in the last photo? Think it’s On3.
    Outstanding weathered old steam town!

  30. WOW!!! Excellent photos and that layout is amazing. I’ve never been a big fan of that old time style of layout but this one is awesomely detailed and crafted. I give it two thumbs up for both of you guys.

  31. hey tom only thing is I don’t think they had the rr crossing back in those days

  32. boy this is awesome wish I could do something like this!!!

  33. I think I have been to this town! Thanks for sharing with us. Very skillfully made layout.


  34. Wonderful job ! I love your attention to detail.
    As always I would love to have an idea of the over all project.
    Gauge, dimensions ect.

  35. Wow! Tom, how do you do that? Amazing details, especially the buildings!
    BUT, you need to hold a town counsel meeting and get the town to fund a beautification project to clean up all the trash and debris.
    Great layout!

  36. Well Tom my name is Tom also I have a N scale and am working on a hO. I guess all the great comments have been made, so true all of them. I would love to know about your buildings, if you scratch build or kits? You have to me the best realistic work I have ever seen, and I have see a lot. I would love to watch you work. Your and insperation to us all. I would love to see a full pic of the overall layout, Fantastic work!!!!!! Tom in AZ

  37. Simply great!!! Ya gotta love the the small details and the feeling of being true to life. Again, great job.

  38. absolute WOW love it!

  39. I have never seen such beautiful weathered houses. You did a remarkable job. Thanks for sharing Vic

  40. I like your layout It looks ON3 and It seems like a throwback to the early fifties This would take me back to my childhood days The only narrow guage I rode and photogtagpned was Disney and Busch Gardens I would like to get to Colorado to Photogragph the Cumbrec Toltec & Scenic I been to Skagway Alaska If I got a few shots of rolling stock I was doing good I did acquire a VHS for My VCR I’m basicly electric traction orineted but if steam is there I will photogragph it come hell or high water

  41. Man this is GREAT

  42. Fantastic attention to detail. Thank you for sharing!!!

  43. Those are oh so awesome. How I wish I had 1/3 the insight and skill to make a layout like that.

  44. Wonderful job. Great detail and realism. Keep the pics coming.

  45. GREAT looking layout! GREAT detail! B U T, I do not understand the telegraph/electric poles. How much better the over all scene would be with them complete with wires especially if you are promoting you’r modeling. It is that lack of detail that really takes away from the whole scene. No excuses about the wires being more trouble than being worth it. I have never had a problem and the positive comments are worth it. Otherwise, nice job!

  46. Tom is an extraordinary model builder. On30 yes? Getting the scale and realistic weathering, dust, mud, etc. just right is an amazing feat. Pics of the overall layout would be really be captivating…perhaps at a future date? Thank you for sharing and here’s hoping you continue for many more years. Thanks again…Don

  47. Just amazing work. Truly inspiring. Thank you!

  48. Tom, these are wonderful pictures of a truly outstanding layout. This is exactly the kind of period work I would love to create in my HO layout. I don’t, of course, hope to achieve the kind of work you’ve done, but it sure gives me a target. Simply the Best! Keep up the superb work, and please, send more pics and a video. Thanks, Warren ( modeling the L&N in Alabama, USA.)

  49. Most impressive!

  50. WOW !! I have been a model railroader for over fifty years and I have very rarely seen anything that compares to his realism and detail. Wonderful !

  51. wow, Wow, WOW ! That is phenomenal !
    Each scene is a story in itself….you are very talented and remarkably creative…have never seen anything so interesting except reality itself, which you have re-created beautifully.
    Thanks so much for sharing with the rest of us….i too would be happy to see more!
    Dave, in NY

  52. hey tom, super layout best i have seen in a long time beautiful work.
    nice to see originality in a layout.
    what materials did you use to make the dirt roads and junk yard.

  53. Great photos Tom! Your detail is amazing. However I, like many others, would love to see a video of your layout. Keep up the great work. Cheers Rossco Adelaide, South Australia

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