More layout pics from Kaustav

Kaustav has kindly sent in more pics of his fabulous layout. If you missed them first time round, they are here.

“Thank you Al! I am glad that everybody liked the layout.

As a ready material, here are some pics of my latest build – the main freight-house of Wrightsville Port, along with a ‘Magic of Black ‘n’ White’ photo! Hope you like it.

For all my future progresses, I will make sure to send you the details.

Once again, thank you for the space! 🙂


“Al, the attached photo is how I decided to “customize” the print out building a bit to give it a little more depth and texture and personalize it to my layout (which is a long way from complete). I mounted the print out to foam board making the concrete caps (painted balsa) easy to attach. With the imaginations I’ve seen out there, the possibilities with print out scenery are endless…


You can download the ‘print out factory’ Keith used, here.

And now a question for you all: how come you are all be so shy on the tips? Come on – if you’ve got one, please share!

Don’t forget the ‘ebay cheat sheet – every penny counts.



31 Responses to More layout pics from Kaustav

  1. What a great layout it’s very well detailed, I especially like the areial shot of the wharf it nearly looks real and you can’t get better than that, well done!!!

  2. Well done

  3. Hope you enjoy your layout as much as I did/ Nice flow and a story around every corner and curve.

  4. Wow! how impressive!, I could not ever achieve such realism. Congratulatiosn.
    Paco Gayon

  5. Love it. Especially the nautical aspect. I’m a fan of the sea and ships, more than a model railroader, altough my (USA prototype) model railroad is very important to me. More later.

  6. Wow nice layout,I fine little things I would like to try every time I see some lay out here.

  7. Yes Kaustav u have a very nice looking layout. I especially liked the “Blimp’ shot of the wharf. How about some “Long” distance shots going down the as much as can be see in the pic.. Also one pic of the entire layout maybe.

  8. A touch here and there and you have a masterpiece. I am impressed at the detail: workmanship: it is alive I am taking it’s pulse now. WELL DONE!

    my admiration,

    Tom N

  9. Fantastic scene iam just starting
    To do a fantasy docklands I would be very
    Interested in how and what material you used
    To make your bridge and how the connections
    Are made either end of the track and how it rises
    Thank you for letting us see your layout
    Just brilliant thts all I can say if I only had half
    The skill tht you have I would be happy well done mark ozzy

  10. Your layout is an inspiration to us all.

    Including the harbour area.

  11. Great layoot. Great photos.I particularly like the overhead one looking straight down

  12. Very impressive i would love to see the whole thing. what did you use for concrete?


  14. Again the impression of space on the quay coupled with the very good weathering make this a classic. How about some tips on the weathering and light of the buildings? Thanks in anticipation ! D/

  15. some of the details are great

  16. Aloha, this is a real work of love

  17. Love the night time scenes the best! Looks real with the lighting….

  18. great love it you have agood imageanation you whated ideas keep thinking out side the box. on my table i keep seeing little things i could adjust,add to ,twik a little
    Ben Taul
    Merna Ne usa

  19. Hi

    Really nice work. I’m looking for some ship models – which did you use?


  20. Beautiful layout pictures and the lighting is suburb. One great job!

  21. I keep asking for help in locating the figures that appear in your layout, to no avail. I don’t see any of them in the “usual places”. Help. Thanks,

  22. fantastic.

  23. great layout of your lites just think maybe could of used more or lager watt bulb in them

  24. I think that is a great scene, I almost thought it was real, you must be a very very patient man, I am just starting in O scale and love all of the tips I see and store away. I have now used SCARM to model my layout. Can someone tell me how to post pictures on here PLEASE
    Essex UK

  25. Really nice lay out. I could only hope to be half as good as you. Nice details,I would like to see a photo of the whole layout.

  26. Nice detail Beautiful job!!!

  27. Absolutely stunning.

  28. An overhead view of entire was shown in Al’s Feb 7 post.

    Kaustav, you are definitely one of those who inspire. I can’t wait to begin my layout in my new home. I certainly wish the ponds between all of us was not so large.
    Bruce in SC USA

  29. You’ve some real imagination! Beautiful and very well done!!

  30. question: Love the waterfront scene. Has anyone got an idea as to how to make waves on water scenes ? i’ve seen waterfall scenes and white water over rocks etc. by roughing up the epoxy resin before it cures, but I can’t think of how to make ripples or waves on a water scene.

  31. Hi Al.Any way you can add a ZOOM feature?Love to see closeups of the work being done

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