More stunning railroad scenery

This came in from Martin.

I had to publish it – just superb scenery.

“Hi Al,

I was very interested in your recent article about the West Yorkshire layout modelled around Sowerby Bridge in the grimy 50’s. I spent my childhood in that area, skipping school in the afternoon’s to visit the loco shed (depot) and a few years on sleeping in the rail station waiting room because I had missed the last bus home at night. (Happy memories).

Regarding my waterfall & stream model, it was my first attempt at modelling a water feature and I was very pleased how it turned out.

I found however that the scenic realistic water which I paid £10 for, shrunk as it dried and I needed to apply more to fill the pools both in the stream and the pond at the base of the waterfall. The nice opaque colour of the waterfall in the photo also disappeared as it dried. I has to apply some more ‘water effects’ mixed with white paint onto the fall to try make it effective. I think that I added too much white to the mixture which I need not to do in my next water model. But in the end my 1st attempt looked super and the buyer remarked “how realistic “ the model was.

I list my models on EBay UK where I seem to be getting a good response, which is where I purchase most of my model bits & pieces.

I have booked a trade stall at a Model Rail show in November and am hoping my new venture will be a success.

I love your emails and wish that I had the space to build a large layout similar to the ones that you have featured in your articles. Yorkshire houses were built a little on the small size compared to US houses!

Best wishes


I love Martins work. For the rest of us, of course, there’s always my favourite resource

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  1. Stunning! Given me lots of ideas. And I always look forward to Al’s mails. Scenic differences between the US and the UK are fascinating too.

  2. Nice work Martin , and all the best with your new venture

  3. Martin I thought my rock formations looked quite realistic but after seeing yours, yours are far superior to mine. You use a totally different coloration than I do and I think I’ll try it on my new layout I’m starting to work on now.
    My compliments on your fine workmanship.
    Barry Palmer

  4. Hi Martin, what model rail show will you be attending in November,I will try to look you up.

  5. very realistic looking, great job.

  6. Beautiful water Martin, I must grasp my courage in both hands, then there will be two top water modellers in Yorkshire.
    Well, thats if mine lives up to yours!

  7. Way more than impressive! That water feature is outstanding. The rockwork is very similar to the earth formations here in the Inland Northwest (U.S.).

  8. Great looking scenery—-some of the best I have seen so far—I really love the water falls, and lots of all types of trees.

  9. Superb, as usual. Agreed re previous post about the contrast between US and UK scenary. As im just building mine (again) these e-mails are providing me with lots of ideas.

  10. Really impressive Scenery,has given me loads of inspiration once i have finished laying my track.You should be proud of your work- manship.Welldone

  11. Wish you were here. The UK rail modelers have a treasure in you. Too bad shipping from ‘across the pond’ is so expensive, as I would have to buy some of my scenics from you. I guess I’d better learn how to do this myself. Best of luck with your venture into the business world.

  12. Hi martins,
    Looks like real. Excelent job.
    Your models give me lots of ideias to work on. Keep showing your models.

  13. Hi Al, long time since I posted anything to you. My friend and customer David from South Wales sent me an email with this link on it which shows my scenery pieces I sent you in 2011.
    The update is that it is still only a hobby & not what I can regard as a business. Although I did attend 6 model rail exhibitions in 2012 and am booked ito 8 for 2013 accross the north of England.
    I include a link to my facebook page which shows some more of my scenery & some trees that I ventured into making (not all are home made but the best ones are!). I found that although admired, the scenery did not sell at the shows. So I started selling trees & scatters for people to make their own scenery. My packs of flowers seem most popular but possibly because I sell them too cheaply. This year I have introduced LED lighting strips, Static grass & applicaters as well as the tree making kits. So I am exited to start, my first show is in March at Heywood , Lancashire followed by Sheffield & Bradford then Shildon National Rail Museum.
    THe facebook pictures show some very different rock colors to the ones above in this article.
    Sorry I never replied to the many wonderfull praises that your members said of me.

  14. wow they look great!

  15. The water is excellent. especially the waves caused from the waterfall entering the pool. Very impressive.

  16. Just Starting to lay track but love all the ideas thanks so much.

  17. Excellent rock and water effects!

  18. Great stuff keep it up

  19. Very nice work!

  20. how do i get to the free track plans,love the hill side scenery,how is it done

  21. Very good work, Martin.

  22. Hello everyone from way over here in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

    I really enjoy all the articles and picture here. Model railroading is a wonderful hobby, but what a magnificent artistic endeavor it can be as well. Keep up the good work.

  23. I am dry walling my room to start to build my lay out here in WV USA and realize that the wonderful thing’s I have seen in the last few days are mind twisters to say the least .I doubt that I can attain the level of what I have viewed on this web sight.I will give it my best shot ,thank you for all the wonderful photos,

  24. Outstanding Water Feature . I really like the Water Fall.

  25. I like the water Fall and will t5ry your Method.

  26. Looks great.

  27. Hi, Excellent work. Your imaginations are unparallele. In my openion, no amount of theoretical knowledge will work, unless one uses his imaginations.
    I also do craft working will only imaginations and it results in wonders. Best wishes. GOPAL DAGA,CALCUTTA, INDIA.

  28. Very realistic, especially the waterfall. Nice touch!! It has been a while since I have worked on a layout.

    Almost all of my train inventory is gone (sold it on Ebay) now I own a different business.

    With all the amazing layouts you have been posting. I’m looking forward to starting another layout. I’m an N scaler.

    Thanks for all the great ideas you post!!

  29. I think it looks outstanding. I am busy with my first layout and I do get a lot of idees on this site.

  30. Great work! I like it!

  31. nice work how long did it take you

  32. WOW! Beautiful, amazing scenery. The detail is spot on. Great Job!

  33. I liked the water scenery.

  34. Nice… I love it.

  35. I love the work but I if wanted to build a mountain
    what size are the mountains if you are
    Building in ho scale



  36. I must be as creative as a cinder block! How do you guys do this?

  37. Wonderful work!
    Wish I had the time to devote to this creativeness!
    Nice job.

  38. Fantastic imagination, observance and skill. I am still fumbling about with my first layout and undecided on what is the best approach – build the terrain first or the track layout ….. any suggestions?

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