Noel’s layout

“Hi Alastair.

My name is Noel and I’m from Sittingbourne in Kent.

Thanks for such a great website, full of so many useful tips and ideas, even the most experienced modellers can surely learn something new from time to time here, I know I do.

Please keep up the good work.

I have been modelling for more years than I care to remember and due to a lack of space I build ‘micro layouts’, mainly of industrial narrow gauge subjects, however, my latest layout is somewhat different and of a more unusual subject.

It is based (somewhat losely) on the London ‘Docklands Light Railway’ (DLR),and as it has the flavour of the DLR and is not completely accurate, I’ve called it the Docklands ‘LIKE’ Railway, this Is one of my largest layouts so far, 3’3″ X 18″

I’ve attached a few photos of my DLR layout in case you feel they may be of interest.

Looking forward to your next posting.

Kind regards,


And because the ‘Scumton’ video proved so popular, here it is again. Bob – who made it – has kindly got in touch with a words:

“Hi Alastair..It’s Bob here of Scumton.

I’m amazed it’s been so popular & really pleased it’s giving some of your members a laugh!

It’s really just a compilation of my past youtube videos cobbled together…resulting in the chaos you see!

I enjoy modelling grimy urban scenes…the grubbier the I thought the name “Scumton” seemed appropriate.
I did start off trying to be serious but the big kid in me took over & couldn’t stop myself from messing about…

The animated car scenes were mostly created using thin wires…a lot quicker than stop motion..& the other silly scenarios mostly came about after one too many glasses of wine, lol.

I’m so pleased I was able to share it with you, thanks to Dave..& thanks to all who’ve left such brilliant comments!



It still makes me laugh the second time round.

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

Please keep them coming.



31 Responses to Noel’s layout

  1. nice little layout there that you have created Noel ..well done , and Bob , we all look forward to seeing your future video`s , keep up drinking the wine , it works wonders

  2. Love the “Docklands Like Railway” layout Alastair, I think a lot of us go too big, where in this case small is beautiful! I need a rather high wall on my layout and was wondering how you made the very impressive concrete retaining wall? Thanks to all, especially Al for taking the time to post all these tips etc. Cheers

  3. I had to watch Scumton again brilliant. VW T2 van being crushed by two trains had to look at the detail again as to how it was done.
    There are some big spiders in Sittingbourne, no must be 00/ho.
    Do you ever take the layout on show at exibitions or is it fixed.
    59 replies on first showing by Alastair must be a record.

  4. Great compact layout Noel. It brings back memories of my visit to London and the trip down to Greenwich.
    I don’t remember the cricket game but I am sure they were playing it somewhere.

  5. Hi Bob
    it was good of dave to share this vidio you did a brilliant job it was such a good laugh and very clever also . Keep them comming they are great amusement

  6. hello Noel
    great job mate .Nice compact little set up you have there

  7. Absolutely love the video, especially the spider and the car recycling

  8. Inspiring! Gives new meaning to what a modeler should think of beyond the static form in a scenario.

  9. This carefully crafted animation has an excellent short story theme.
    Scumton!@ great to watch a craftsman have fun ans a sense of humor bringing reality dragged into the matrix as well.

  10. Scumton brings back the fun to railway modelling !!!!
    Brilliant video look forward to another

  11. Where would we be without all the wonderful people we come into contact with on this website. There good nature; willingness to share; and do share their enormous talents with us.

    I look forward each time I open my email hoping to find the latest email from Alastair. Alastair with all your hard work I can say you have opened my world back to model railroading. I thank you for that.

    I am enthusiastic about building my 2′ X 9′ N scale railroad … with the advise from all other modelers I will not have any problems with it. I just refer to this website and check things out.

    Just like the latest from Noel and Bob … great work!!

    Thank you everyone … especially Alastair!

    best regards and good luck in your model railroading.

  12. I liked the film,top marks,well done. Mike

  13. What a great and hilarious video, I have shared with many model railroad friends and their reactions are as funny as the video… Thanks for the post..

  14. What a great video,says it all really

  15. Hey Bob,

    Great video. Thanks for sharing your secrets to moving your autos around too.
    Please keep up the good work.



  17. this would make anybody laught great job.

  18. Bob’s video is great. Wonderful imagination. Funny!

  19. Absolutely love the video. What great fun! keep up the great work.

  20. neat Layout

  21. I really got a kick out of the video, a lot of imagination. Keep up the good work!

  22. Excellent layout Noel. Very impressed with what you have created. a wealth of detail and quite inspirational. please make a video of the layout operating for Youtube as I would love to see it operate

  23. help got 8×4 base want 2 build oo modelrailway never done before need guidance

  24. I just gotta agree with all the comments. If I can forward the video, I ll do it .

  25. “Scumtown” is brilliant…
    As to “micro-layouts” and “mini-layouts”.
    If is fun to dream about building the great “Atlantic and Pacific” but…
    I too have constructed more layouts than I care to remember… Only one or two have qualified as “true” micro-layouts according to Carl Arndt (layouts less than four square feet in area). Most have qualified as mini-layouts with the largest completed layout to date having been a 4′ by 8′ “walk in” layout. I have tried to build larger (Yankee thinking… Bigger is better) but they never got anywhere beyond adding track to a baseboard.
    From what I personally have experienced, here are my thoughts about the advantages of small layouts (5′ by 9′ and smaller)…
    1. They are great platforms to try new ideas.
    2. They are gifted opportunities to develop new skills and techniques.
    3. They are a Godsend for impatient builders.
    4. They are blessings for those with limited funds but who love the hobby.
    5. They are very kind to those who are limited on available space or time.
    6. They can be very quirky and very fun.
    7. Like potato chips, it is almost impossible to have just one!

  26. As to the individual with the 4′ by 8′ base… Alastair has recommended a great book. There are also others available — If you have a hobby shop near you, I can bet you can find a local modeler who would enjoy helping you… Part of enjoying a hobby is sharing that hobby.
    One other advantage to very small layouts, they are easy to take places and share them with others.

  27. Bob,
    your Scumton video is a work of art. I loved the “Christine” bits.
    The final laugh was the hood (bonnet) falling on the mans hands.
    What can I say brilliant.,…love the screams sound effects!


  28. I love Scumton. I have watched it 3 or 4 times and I still get a laugh. Keep up the good work.

  29. This video is a complete hoot! Love the old “travelog” music. The layout has some amazing detail work, it truly has an urban “down by the tracks” look.

  30. What fun for modeling. Very creative Bob. And patience and timing a must. And of course. And very very funny.

    Noel, I love the detail of the fencing. And the retaining wall is super. Great work.

    Jim AZ

  31. Hi. I’m looking to get a model of the dlr train for so wine which leaving dlr after working 30years for them. Do you know where I can get a model if the train from

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