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“Hi Alastair, Normally, I’m a man of few words, but I have enjoyed reading the tips and viewing the photos and movies of the model railway buffs. So I thought I’d send a few photo’s of my HO Layout of which I started in late 2004, with a – 8’ x 4’ ( 240cm x 120cm ) table, which has now grown to the extent that I can’t reach the centre of the table due to, in total, 5 extensions with a size now measuring – 10’ 4” x 7’ 4”, ( 315cm x 223.5cm ) and hoping nothing goes too wrong? The extensions are detachable. I have done since these photos.

Kindest regards.

Paul ( Australia )”

And just for fun – seeing as I get the odd mail on it – here’s a whole town that you can make with one download

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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  1. Ripper layout Paul. Well done.

  2. Quite a busy layout Paul, I think I have a church similar to that on my layout. Great to see the “bones” of the layout as you have developed it, it certainly gives me some ideas.

  3. Paul ( Australia ),
    You have a very attractive setup.
    I have a question though. If you should have a derailment inside one of the tunnels in picture #DSCN1453 have you made a way to get to it to fix it?
    That’s all.
    Thank You to all of the people sending in pictures.

  4. pauls lay is great love the realistic look of the town I don’t think it could have been done any better

  5. Very nice layout. There was a mention of detachable extensions. How are the extensions connected to the main layout both physically and electrically? I’m in the engineering phase of what will be a modular layout in the dining room. All the trains have to be removed for the occasional dinner party (I think they’d be a conversation starter if they stayed put). How to get the modules to connect with minimal adjustments for track alignment is my quandry. Getting this to work will solve the whole benchwork phase.

  6. incredable layout very nice

  7. Paul, you have a great layout. Be careful not to box yourself in a corner with each addition.

  8. Very nice Paul. I understand your problem first hand. I started out with a 4’x8′ in a spare bedroom and kept expanding little by little until I had to move the layout into my storage shed. Long story short …. I have kept expanding until I now have a 12’x 24′ room and I am out of room again. I think it’s some sort of a brain malfunction.
    Keep at it Paul, you do very nice work and the layout shows it.

    p.s. – I still have a problem understanding how your layouts are always right side up when you are upside down.

  9. It is a great layout. It is very well planned.

  10. Very well done! Model Railroaders Rock!!

  11. Unless your a rocket scientist with an I.Q. of 300 you have inspired the hell out of me that I can do this quality of a layout. Mine so far is looking very similar. A FRIGGIN SWEET normal size layout. Thanks for the photos.

  12. Nice setup. Maybe it’s the angle of the photograph but that incline on the right looks a little steep to me going up the right side to the unfinished mountain. Especially if pulling a long line of cars. Hope you did a long test before filling in the scenery. Otherwise it’s looking great.

  13. looks like someone has a nice layout


  15. great layout plenty of track extensions,this what makes this far can you push that corner. I started with a table top now its the whole corner of the garage next down the side keep going paul. getting plenty of ideas from this.

  16. Very very impressive layout, absolutely fantastic with great attention to detail. You are a star!!

  17. Paul your layout is fantastic enjoy your layout just have fun!
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Paul:
    Perfect and well done. Congratulations.

  19. Kenny A., look closely mate, the line climbing up the outside of the extension has a rack-rail up the centre, not unusual in Europe but I can only think of a couple Stateside, Mount Washington and is it Pike’s Peak? Some of the European routes have quite regular-type trains over them, eg the Glacier Express route is part-rack fitted.

  20. I really like your layout, it is about trains. I liked your plywood boxed structures for mountains and hidden track.

  21. Kenny A. – You are right about Pikes Peak and Mt. Washington; both have the “rack track” up the middle. Over here in the colonies I have heard both referred to as a “cog railroad”.

    Been to both – great sights to see.


  22. great camera work and paning.

  23. Great layout that you built, where did you get the switch 3D layout or did you create it?

    Great Job!

  24. what is the steepest a train will climb I keep hearing 4% as steepest but on a 4×8 table this is too slow I need to climb 100mm in 1meter or 10% can it be done

  25. Hi Paul, very neat layout. I am modeling Queensland Rail around the 1950’s and am wondering what the passenger carriages are in DSCN0799 as I am having trouble locating suitable carriages and those look pretty close to the mark. Ray.

  26. Allan, I think 10% is way too optimistic. Usually one engine can climb up to 2.5%, and to make a 4% grade probably would involve a double-header. For 10% you might get away with four or five engines, but then you’d have terrible slippage on the rails. If you could put rubber tires on the drivers, that might work. But anything over 2% is usually pushing it with one engine.

  27. Great layout Paul; I like your utilization of the space that you have. There are many pictures to be taken and each square foot has a self explained story [diorama] by what you have shown. Keep up the good work and sharing with us seeking other ideas for our trusted railroad works.

    Harold Jr. Grand Prairie Tx

  28. While 2% incline is often considered the maximum, it is easy to double that. I did it by having one track go up 2% while the other one drops 2%, thus there is a difference of 4% between the two.

    Keep on training those hills,
    Carl in Kansas

  29. Well Paul I love your work and love your country. Im in Arizona and so funny I too started with 4 X 8 and added sections. It just sounded so much like what I did. Can`t reach the middle. Any way we have fun on ladders. Have fun and I guess you say gd day mate. Tom Payson Az.

  30. As much as I would like a large room size layout, a smaller (5×9) is fine for me. I can pay attention to detail, and get a lot done in a small amount of time which is good as I’m 69 and the actuarial tables are working against me. It’s all about enjoyment and running trains. Great layout, and neat enough to please? A woman.

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