Pauls urban layout

Who remembers this one from Barry?


Being new I’m not sure if this has been mentioned or not ….. more of a tool tip than a modeling tip.
Revlon makes a pair of tweezers that have a built in LED, very handing when working in small dark spaces.
I picked one up today and have already used it a number of times.
Revlon 15119, attached is a picture of one.

Unfortunately, all they had at Wal-Mart today were pink. LOL.”


Well guess what? You can get ’em on ebay.

“Hi Alistair.

I have enjoyed your posts for a few months now and learnt a lot from your contributors.

I’d like to offer a video of my latest layout featuring a modern Japanese urban scene. It is one half of a double sided N Scale layout. It’s a bit different to what most folk here in Australia model and probably VERY different to favoured subjects in other parts of the world.

The second half of the layout is a small town in Montana,USA. I’ll send a link on to that if people are interested.


Brisbane, Australia”

Ebay cheat sheet packed with stuff at the mo: it’s here.

Please keep ’em coming.



32 Responses to Pauls urban layout

  1. very well done I wish I had the space and the skill to do as good a job as you have done and I would certainly like to see more if poss

  2. Well done Paul, I really like you Bullet train layout, one of the best I think. The Japanese announcment sound really good as well.

  3. Love it – Great Detail

  4. Very enjoyable. So totally different from most layouts. The announcements at the station made the whole gave a more realistic feeling to it.

  5. Very different from “the norm” but fascinating. I would like to see the other half please.

  6. Man, way a neat urban layout. Unique. Slick. Gives me some idea … I also realty appreciated the tweezers tool tip.

  7. Nice detail. I would like to know about the “TV” or video in the tower next to the station. How did you do that, what did you use? Would love to see the Montana portion in a future post also. I just love the detail work. Havent seen to many folks working in N:scale.

  8. Very well done. I like the high tech video and audio, a very modern layout.

  9. Very nice,would be nice to see the bullet train at speed…….. maybe and open country layout? In the future?
    Regards ,Chuck

  10. Al,
    It never fails to amaze me just what people do make with their layout. Pauls Japanese layout is certainly new to me as I have never seen another layout like it. All the effects really make it come to life. Please let us have more. Well done Paul.

  11. Congratulations, you did a beautiful job. The TV/ video was a super touch. I also intend to do a Kato Japanese commuter train layout but on a 4′ x 8′ platform. Some searching on the web and you can come up with some great track plans using Kato N scale unitrack, even for small spaces or that can be removed.

  12. I just now watched it again. It’s got a TV in a tower! … Now I want to see what he did with the other side of this layout.

  13. Superb layout, love the detail

  14. That was a wonderful video.

    Great idea on the tweezers; use them paint people and work on engines.
    Cheaper than tools for modeling.

  15. Very well done. I would enjoy seeing the “Montana side” of the layout. I live in Billings, Mont USA . Did you base it on a actual town, or is it made up?

  16. Very original and extremely well done!

  17. Wow, I’m starting a layout and was thinking open central US. Now I think a local city steel mill might have more action. Thanks for the idea,

  18. great video and station sounds … detailed town … backdrop blends so well … Paul my hat off to you for a hobby well done. Would love to see Montana in video, please!

    Thanks Paul and Al.



  19. Very nice but where is Godzilla

  20. What a fantastic urban layout. Ever since going to Japan I have always wanted to model the Shink in n scale. Very inspirational stuff.

  21. Great work Paul! An excellent job for a “Banana Bender!” Your buidings and sound effects were great. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Rossco Adelaide SA

  22. Since I live in Helena, Montana, I’d like to see the Montana layout! Thanks in advance Paul.

  23. That was great.The sounds were cool.but have to do something about the camera motion.sort of worps and blurs .but would love to see more for sure.would really be interesting with a camera in one of those trains but run slower if you do.thanks for the video was super.

  24. Those buildings had to take forever and a year to build. You must have an excessive amount of patience. This would be a great one to show my son as he lived in Sendai for two years. I am sure it would bring back memories to him.

  25. Superb layout you have there Paul and very different to the norm here in Oz. I would also like to know how the tower TV works?
    Would also like to see the other side of the urban set.
    Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  26. Very enjoyable, nice audio, well done.

  27. Great lay out ,would like to see it in real life,do you show it anywhere in brissy area ,
    Me slacks creek

  28. Most impressed, such accurate detail I rode on this train a few times many years ago. Fantastic buildin models and such a good idea. Let’ see Montana, please! D/

  29. Well done Paul , so much details and very 21st century

  30. Very nice detail on trains and traffic. Also very nice job on layout and grounds,trees,and signs. WELL DONE!!

  31. Thanks for all the positive comments. I’ll try to pick up on the questions.. The link to the Montana side has been sent to Al. I’d love to take credit for the buildings, but most are ready-built from Kato. The TV advertising screen is a small pocket TV/video we bought years ago, inserted in a small tower building, fed from a normal DVD player. We have visited Japan a few times and the station sounds are live recordings from Tokyo Stations. G’day to the guy from Helena, MO. LOVE Montana!


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