Ron’s corner tunnel

“Hi Al, just a couple of pics of the corner tunnel I made on my shed layout, I got the retaining walls from a guy in Bristol on ebay, he makes them from MDF and presses out the brickwork etc, I weathered them with my weathering powders in about an hour, really easy to do, I wanted access to my track for cleaning and maintenance so I bought a couple of those magnetic latches you get for wardrobe doors etc, it works great, I hope the tip is useful to somebody out there, by the way the whole tunnel and scenery cost me about £20.00 using scrap timber and scatter etc from my bits box.

Thanks for all the brilliant tips and information from some really great modelers on here.

Cheers Al,

Regards Ron”

Big thanks to Ron for sharing. Keep ’em coming.

Some good stuff on ebay at the mo – have a look at the latest cheat sheet.



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13 Responses to Ron’s corner tunnel

  1. Never thought of cupboard magnets… simple yet ingenious! I’ll have to try that on some of my facades. Thank you for a great idea!

  2. Great idea Ron, well done!

  3. That is a clever and handy idea!

  4. great idea ty

  5. Cupboard magnets: good idea, Ron. Also, the ad this time offers some pretty useful resources that interested me.

  6. Hey, how could one “press out” that brick pattern for DIY work?

  7. Wonderful ! great idea.
    Paco Gayon

  8. yes the kitchen cupboard magnets….what a novel idea…I must use it on my layout…

  9. Sometime the simple solution is the perfect answer. The magnets solve a huge issue I am having with a hidden track and very little space to work with.

    Ecxellent Idea thanks…


  10. Never fails…..if there is one thing we model railway folks are its Inventive great idea Ron

  11. That looks great, particulrly like the magnetic latches. Beats the hell out of blue tac.


  13. thanks for the tunnel pics and latch idea will be doing tunnels shortly.

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