Scenery pics – without the ‘how to’



The Flying Scotsman payed Sherwood central a visit hauling a semi fast express.

Its trip to Sherwood central was a trial run to see if locos of the 4-6-2 wheel arrangement can operate on the line.


And now – an apology.

I get sent gazillions of mails, so the truth is, lots slip through the cracks.

But looking through my inbox today, I found the below, and looked at the pics. And then it hit me: these pics came with a ‘how to’, and I missed it.

So I thought, I’d publish, and hopefully, Tom will be kind enough to send the ‘how to’ in (he’s been in a number of posts, like this one).

Anyhow, here is Tom’s mail and pics:

“Just wondering if you posted the article that I sent you?


Stunning pics – I so hope Tom gets my email and sees this. How I missed it is beyond me.

Have a peek a the ‘ebay cheat sheet before you go. Lots of deals to be had as it approaches ‘that time of year’….

Please keep ’em coming.



30 Responses to Scenery pics – without the ‘how to’

  1. lovely layout Tom

  2. Hi all, good looking photo’s And i for one would like to see the “how to”

  3. Great pics – like the one with the barn/shed with the interior – excellent detail and I too would like to see the ‘how to’s.

  4. Hi Tom, great pictures of a very realistic layout. Wish I had your skills!!

  5. Brilliant, Lets hope Tom does give us the HOW TO.
    Al your site is A1 keep it up. Regards William

  6. I really like the aged and used look of his scenery. As a note from a loyal fan and I know most are HO but still I wish you would mention the scale for
    these outstanding layouts.

  7. Right downtown in the redlight district wo wo

  8. Great pics! Hope to get the how to.

  9. Great pictures and detail.

  10. Worth the rewind Al

  11. Also great pics. I especially like the “red light” district. On my layout the guy who made it, a Jim O’Connell of Santee,Ca. put a “madam of the night”, oh crap a durn whore standing on my train station. Seems as tho Jim is like me with a sense of humor, altho wierd sometimes. When people view my layout, by the way is viewable on in the gallery , I telll them I no longer have to go out “looking” as I have it right here on my layout. Ha Ha. Again excellent looking layout. Lee Barry CEO L”Z”PMRR ( LeeZ Po’ Mans” Rail Road), Bristol,Va.

  12. lovely photos, very inspirational, please keep ’em coming

  13. What scale are the buildings that are posted on this page

  14. wow great detail

  15. Hey Tom — Very impressive modeling skills! And as others have noted, the “red light” district brings in a very ‘colorful’ and eye-catching scene. (Would that be On30 scale?)


  16. VERY nice layout!

  17. Love the couple kissing on the upstairs landing!

  18. Hi Dave my scale is OO scale as is the MIDLAND GREAT CENTRAL JOINT RAILWAY.

    Glad you liked the photos.

    Paul otway


  20. Truly envious of such fine work.

  21. Really spectacular. Love the house of ill repute. 😉

  22. Took me ages to find suitable homes for a set of HO lady naturists, which were a present from my better half, at least it makes you put a little interior work into your buildings.

  23. This is some of the best detail work I have seen yet! I got hooked helping my hubby! I do the detail work. I’m a graphic artist and he’s the technical end. I so hope Tom gets his email and sends the how-tos!!
    I really enjoy all your emails, Alistair! Keep them coming!!!

  24. LOL funny with the house of ill repute never seen that done before !!!

  25. Thanks Tom!
    And Al…. I agree, keep them coming…
    I’m building my layout, need you guys, four tracks and station ( O Gauge)


  26. realistic to memories as a kid in the 40’s and 50’s US. Thx

  27. Great stuff. Wonderful detail. Impressive modeling.

    Jim AZ

  28. Great pics. Wonderful details. Keep up the great work

  29. Hi Al,. You do A Great job for us railroaders! A really neat job Tom has done! His layout it’s cool as it gets. I would like throw something out there,it’s in my head that the buildings on the better layout, I will try on my next build, seems to get that look,do these guys use washes to color their buildings? I have tried toning down with alcohol and ink but it doesn’t look as good as others I’ve seen! Should I keep trying or use washes? Craig, other side of pond in Vermont

  30. WOW! would love to see the “how to” Keep up the good work.

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