Steve asks for some comments


I’ve attached some “progress pictures” and would appreciate any feedback or comments anyone might care to provide. This is my 1st real non-Christmas layout.

It’s O gauge, bench is three 4’x8’s making an ___—–___ shape. I have some passenger trains and Intermodals that need 54″ turns, but 80% only need 31″…so my plan was all 54″ with an inner loop(s) with 31″.

The 31″ loop(s) concept was also to have an isolated loop that was very “kid, friend & cocktail safe” before letting them out on the “big” track where the larger more expensive trains play ( Platinum Ghost, Southern Daylight, GG1s, etc)

I used the Troy & Mohawk Valley Plan from 101 Track Plans as a basis and tried to modify it for my bench space. I also used software from AnyRail initially.

I have thick skin and would appreciate any guidance…


“These are just a few shots of the lake hope you like them.


Stunning pics from Tracy, his original post is here.

“Hi Alastair,

You can use a lot of bought in or found items as scenery, such as cars, animals or figures, but these plastic items always look “cheap and plasticky”. Just give them a light coat of matt varnish, avoiding any ‘glassed’ areas. It tones down colours and evens the finish – it works great on rolling stock too.



“Hi Al,

Layout is OO and I am incorporating the “Micro” car racing track to add a bit more fun – the grand-kids love it and the scale is comparative.

See photos of work in progress to date:

Layout is on a 8′ x 4′ top then running round the window to the goods yard.


Another bumper edition! Loved Tracy’s water pics. Impressive stuff.

Keep ’em coming!

And I don’t know what it is about this time of year but there are lots of bargains to be grabbed on the latest ebay cheat sheet.



8 Responses to Steve asks for some comments

  1. Looking good, Steve (always great to see “Mo O “)
    “Lake Tracy” is wonderful, and Neil’s tip is great.

  2. Hi Steve.Looking good.May I ask those pieces of wood holding up a single rail.What are you going to do about that.Make supports or are those the ones your going to use.May I ask again why did you choose 3 rails.Continue on with it and send in more pictures I could be missing something.keep up the good work.

  3. MR.TRACY E. BROWN love your lake.Makes me want to go jump in it.

  4. Hi, what is a Micro car circuit? Is this racing cars like Scalectrix? Good idea.
    Could the cars be modified to change the bodies – make trucks etc? D/

  5. Great layout pictures and the wonderful lake, what detail.

  6. Tracy, that is the best lake I have ever seen! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

  7. Love Tony’s setup…..with two discarded dressers and an old door, you can have a sturdy layout with tons of storage…

  8. Tracy, I love your lake! Would be nice if we could see how you made it. The best I’ve seen!

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