Steve’s excellent modelling

“Hi Al

I have been reading your site for some time now and have learned a lot. about a year age I dug out all my old Lionel trains. Back in the late 40 and early 50 my Mom and Dad started a 027 Lionel set.

Every year at Christmas time they would get another piece. I packed everything away years ago. I am 69 now and retired.

I got everything out and started refurbishing it all. well now I can start the layout. I have been going to swap meets and picking up all kinds of parts. you can get a lot with a little money if you don’t mind fixing it up.

All the tips I have been reading about on your site I put to work. I took a 2′ X 2′ X1″ form and starting to play
around with it. my goal was not to spend any money. Well I have about $10.00 in it. It is all sawdust branches
and anything else I could find. i am happy with the way it turned out and looking forward to starting my 6′ X 9′
layout. I am working in 027/0 scale.

Steve from Toms River NJ US”
























A wonderful example of how space and money doesn’t have to stop you enjoying a layout. Big thanks to Steve!

And the Ebay cheat sheet is on a roll at the moment – have a look.



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  1. Brings back memories. Keep up the good work.

  2. Excellent! Very impressed.

  3. The fluorescent starter looks good as a pole mounted transformer. Clever idea.

  4. Wow! So much in a small space. Can’t wait to see what you do after this.

  5. Great to see another modeller who still has their childhood railway, and what superb results with no budget. I look forward to seeing this one progress

  6. Well Done!

  7. Another superb example of how much can be made out of so little. Who needs space anyway!!
    Soi impressed.


  8. And I so need to learn how to spell!

  9. Steve, that is a fine job there! You’re right about not needing to spend a fortune to achieve great results.

  10. Hi, Your small layout is very well done and it show’s exactly what you set out to demonstrate, that being, that even though money helps one to build a layout, it also showed there is a lot one can acheive, if they just use their imagination and are willing to use anything available, to build a layout. From what I’ve seen of your test diahrama, yor planed layout will be something tobe viewed, so I hope you keep us a part of your progress as I know a lot of us will be interested in your progress, so thank you for sharing your diahrama!
    Stemar, (Downunder)

  11. Excellent work Steve , My first train in my youth was a 1949 Lionel ..
    Long gone however ..
    Pursue the dream ..

  12. delightful work , brilliant !!!

  13. wow what a great scenery builder you are…and a lot of it from SCRATCH…
    now thats ‘OLD SCHOOL’
    congrats and cant wait to see what you do on a BIG layout….!!

  14. Well done Steve ,and on a good budget also

  15. You sir are an inspiration to all beginners.. My story is so much like yours… In 1952, my parents gave me 027 Lionel set… After college, I changed to HO and now I am 68 and thinking of converting to N… Keep up the good work.. You are the person needed in our hobby.

  16. Wow Steve, beautiful little layout. Details are amazing. I have a few years until my retirement, however, you have inspired me, and clearly many others to “get going” on this fantastic hobby. Thanks Al for all that you do every day to keep this site going.

  17. great work in bringing back the old. keep going using module system.

  18. Just think how good a full size layout will look when completed !!

  19. Very impressive Steve, I still have pieces of my first train set but they are integrated into scratch built locos and wagons. This news letter is marvellous for money saving tips.

  20. Very well done Steve. You have a nice eye for detail and the talent to go with it. I think you will do great things in the future with your layout.

  21. Superb !!! You have the touch of an Artist hand. Can’t wait to see your full layout with the train(s) running.

  22. Nice to see the potholes on the road were repaired! A fine detail. Looks like the roads round our part of Argyll ! D/


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