Steve’s new layout

“Over a year ago you posted some pictures of my layout on her and called it a sofa layout.

Here is the descendant of it now almost completed after suffering a stroke in June 2013. I have built a completely new main board and incorporated the former branch line on the end of it.

I hope you like it.


A cracking layout. And who could forgot Steve’s first post? I loved it (it’s here).

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.



9 Responses to Steve’s new layout

  1. Well done Steve and all the best with your recovery from the stroke

  2. Wow! Incredible detail. I particularly like the interior detail shots. Well done.

  3. I agree. Amazing with such detailing of the signal cabin and the inside of the house. The night scene is great.

    Good layout using available space.


  4. Love the layout,love the detail,absolutely love the lighting effects …. great job.

    Nice to see your stroke hasn’t slowed you down.

  5. This is what I call ingenuity – Beautiful layout. You gave me some ideas.

  6. Gobsmacked! The lighting effects are the best I’ve seen! Wonderful, D/

  7. I am very impressed with the detail and craftsmanship I saw in the layout. This inspires me to slow down and go for the detail. Fine work!!

  8. Wow! You must have really worked’ mine isn’t half as finished as that and I have been building it for three years.

  9. Great layout and your attention to details is what I hope to achieve. The night-time shot was truly amazing. Keep it up!

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