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Thought people might be interested in some progress pictures of my O gauge layout. Each “section” has some family meaning, ie. the town replicates where my kids were born, a building like my first job, our ski vacations, my son the Fireman, etc.

I tried to incorporate some cool ideas I saw on various layouts you’ve show us:

Wooden Truss Bridge, Automatic Gateman, A Drive-In Theater using a photo frame, a Smoking BBQ Joint with BBQ scented smoke, and a Trolly. Next there will be a building on Fire using a Seuthe smoke generator and fire lighting from Evan Designs.

In hindsight, my biggest recommendations regard wiring and initial track layout.

First, since I had both O and 027 I used both – don’t – use one of the other. Makes life easier, joints tighter, and computer design more accurate.

Second, use isolated bus lines for each Isolated Track Section and the Turnout Switches (which I did), BUT also run individual bus lines for: Static lighting like in Buildings, another for Operating Accessories, another for Smoke Units, and another for future expansion options. And Absolutely use tape to color code each bus Line and their dropdowns from the accessory, turnout, etc

Anyway. here are some progress pictures










“Hi Al, this is a reply to Tom’s post on using spray foam from a can. It works extremely well and very easy to use. I also used a wire brush to rough up the surface a bit. Trestle bridge removed for photo purposes.




A big thanks to Brian and Steve. I do love hearing your tips and seeing the progress of a layout.

Please do keep ’em coming.

Oh – and if you want to search through years and years of these posts, you can do that with the golden key. Kicking myself I called it the ‘golden key’. A tad confusing. Should have just called it the search page. Oh well.

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here. Still going strong.



16 Responses to Steve’s progress pics

  1. Looking good,the track plan looks interesting.

  2. wow nice layout…
    027 and several levels….
    nice beginning on the scenery and we all wanna see it when its finished
    keep it runnin fellas

  3. What a great job you did. Where did you get this talent? How can I get it?

  4. Great Job! Love the meaning behind the structures and incorporating the family.

  5. Awesome!

  6. Both great layouts. I love the “helix” on Steve’s layout.

  7. looks neat

  8. Good to see some “O” gauge layout pix… botta figure out how to send my videos

  9. What a wonderful layout I especially like the Hot airballoon

  10. Steve, that is a great layout! What size is the table? Looks like a lot more than 4’x8′. 🙂
    And I love that old crank telephone on the wall. My grandfather worked for the Forestry Service and had about 8 of those in his “office” at the base of the forestry tower. Mercy that was about 63-64 years ago. Good memories!

  11. very cool looks great will enjoy the next lot of photos.

  12. looks awesome..i should take pics ofmine..doing (redoing) my n scale layout

  13. great !

  14. Wow!, to pull off a large 3-rail layout like that and make it interesting is a feat in itself. Great execution! Can’t wait to see this one complete.

  15. Great layout. Nice work !

  16. Are these to be glued only to card stock?
    I would like plans that I can make out of wood possibly
    balsam or some other wood?
    I don’t want to make just one, possibly 2 or 3 items.

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