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Railroad modelling tips and questions

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

A bit if a DCC theme today – starting with a question from Andrew:

“Take a look at my layout so far…this is the bottom section and I’m about to start wiring for DCC
Any suggestions PLEASE !!!???? for wiring especially




I’m an HOer:

Drilling a 1/4 (or whatever) inch hole through my layout table and then inserting a 1/4-inch (or appropriate) plastic tubing through it so that I can easily route those pesky #26 wires for lighting accessories to the underside of the structure. I love it!



“hey al,

more very good stuff. btw, sand paper makes a very good imitation of various surfaces, i.e.:
aluminum oxide is a light tan color, good for replicating sandy areas. beach sidewalks, and parking lots.
emery paper, or wet or dry, can be used for streets and parking lots depending on the grit size …

the drinking straws can be dyed using everyday household “Rite” Dye. can be gotten at the grocery store. be VEEEEERY careful with this as it will stain anything it comes in contact with. I got an old sauce pan for a dollar at a yard sale and use it just for this purpose. the old timmey metal ice cube trays work very well if you can find one …


“Hi Al,

I have come across a very useful web page for those modellers wishing to take the plunge into DCC. It describes in detailed but simple layman’s terms how to do it correctly.

Here it is :-

His page will make things simple to do and if done correctly without any problems.
Re my own layout – it’s coming along nicely now and I will be forwarding some photos of it on the day I run the inaugural train.

All the best


Thanks Steve – that’s a great site. Have a read and then have a look at how much you can save on ebay: