Take a look at Brian’s railroad

Here’s a video of Brian’s railroad. A work in progress. Love the fun fair!

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PS Michael – the woodwork site / plans are here.

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33 Responses to Take a look at Brian’s railroad

  1. that has come on a treat Brian

  2. HEY AL,

  3. hi
    looks really great were did you buy the fair ground rides from??

  4. That is a great railroad!!!. Is it “HO” OR “N” gauge?

  5. WOW !!!!!
    That is some piece of work. Outstanding !
    It makes me wish I had a place to put a permanent layout in (our railroad is a temporary Christmas display in the Family Room).

  6. Hi Al & Brian
    Looks fabulous so far. Are the fairground rides from Faller?

  7. Very COOL Set Up!!! Extensive and detail was GREAT!!! Could see a lot of work and time, I also enjoyed the Narration, it gave it a more personal feeling and seeing the tools and how you were working was very enlightening. However, I did miss seeing a train going by but other than that GREAT VIDEO! Thanks!

  8. The amusement park is a really nice touch! Where are the rides from?

  9. I think I recognize some Bachmann, LifeLike, IHC and Faller kit models. The roller coaster I have seen advertised in the Walthers cat. in HO scale. From the models that I think I recognize this looks to be an HO layout. The entertainment park rides and stands all look like AHM/IHC/Faller models and I don’t recall any similar models in N scale.

  10. Cool layout, I like the Rollercoaster !

  11. I sure like what you have done so far. I noticed it was in the center of the room. The wall area also looks like you could add shelf track for an even bigger layout!. Nice job.

  12. This is a world class layout keep up the great work Brian that rollercoaster is amazing work

  13. Brian your layout is very impressive and I also really liked the carnival rides and I have seen them in Walthers. Your layout looks to be alot larger than what I have for available room for. Good job.

  14. I want to thank you all for the great comments. I’ll try to recap a bit.
    We live in a large homethat we built ourselves. The train room is upstairs and sort of cuts crosswise through the attic.

  15. Oops, I accidently cut myself off. We had the room painted and started the layout in the beginning of April, 2011. It is an HO layout that is 7′ wide x 20′ long x 11′ wide on the opposite end. Yes, the Plum Creek Park rides are by Faller, except the roller coaster is by Coaster Dynamics. I would have had trains running, but I had just finished ballasting track and there were two grade crossings that had to be cleaned up. I have had thoughs of where to expand to in the future. The walls would work, but there is a stairway, a door to my wood shop above my garage and two attic doors.
    My wonderful wife who is 100% behind my hobby, has done a lot of the detail work and the “let’s buy this” items!
    Thanks again for the comments.
    Brian Clauser

  16. Great work Brian; I sure don’t have the space to build a layout that big.
    I can only imagine what it will be like when you have it finished.

  17. Love the amusement park

  18. This layout makes me feel inadequate. Mind, building a layout takes time and effort to do it right. My out fit is still in the very early stages, Hopefully an open pit mine and farm with village will be featured.

  19. Incredible! Can’t wait to see more.

  20. great work bryan .BUT the roller coaster I have one cant get the dam thing to work, I see you have only one car running I will try that,
    keep rolling blessing Dave

  21. Brian im only starting three months in you layout helps me out IM doing n model like the small but detailed

  22. That so busy and that’s the way a layout should be!!! I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work!

  23. I have the complete Circus train .along with the complete circus Layout.

    Vending Booth’s Rides etc. I started to put it together then we moved and never had the Room to start over.

  24. The division down the middle is a great idea. It breaks the look of a circle. Very neat. I also like the details and animation. You must run a train for us.

  25. Hello Brain,
    Thank you for the video of your layout. Nicely done and great work.
    Could i see a track plan and what size of the room you need to have.It is some thing i have playing in my head and you layout hits the spot.
    Thank You David

  26. nice job love the amusement park. A work of art in progress.

  27. Hi Al, That’s the best looking fairground I’ve ever seen. It’s given me inspiration for my next layout. Regards, Jeff Sowden.

  28. fantastic set up I,d be sleeping there how long did that take to put together..ragards Derek..

  29. mate Brian all I can do is stop drooling over some very talented model making let alone the creativeness shown throughout. I felt like a little bloke again playing train drivers with my pop some 35 yrs ago watching that recording buddy getting more excited as each corner or frame-shot appeared and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint. Regardless of whether each or all or none of the models are hand made take a bow my good man.

  30. great layout and detail. I’m just restarting in model trains N guage, always looking for ideads

  31. Great job Brian. I have never tried building a layout myself. It looks like a lot of hard work has gone into it. You are one hell of a builder and a patient man. Great work, I enjoyed the video… Thanks

  32. The layout is tremendous! The how to snips are a real help to me. I am the point of laying track and setting the ballast. I enjoyed the explanations. Keep up thr informative work as it benefits us rookies. Al, thanks for posting.

  33. All I can say is wow. What in inspiration…

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