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“Great info. Keep them coming!!

Here is my suggestion for Oil storage tanks.

Materials: pvc caps and couplings

I used different sizes (2, 3 and 4 inches) bought from the local building supply stores.
The logos were downloaded from the web and copied into a pdf file so they could be sized to the tank. I printed the logos onto transparency sheets and used 3m spray adhesive to secure them.
I plan to add ladders and also seal the seam between the cap and coupler to conceal the joint.



“I have to say that this is the first model railroad for me in over 25 plus years and I’m working on a freelance of 17′ x 9′ on an N scale I have been doing track 1st and then landscape ! Not sure if this is the correct way but I have learning by mistakes ! And I have to laugh at myself for that , I will say all the post from everyone out there are a great help . And I love working on my layout even if I do it twice ! Thanks to all of you out there with your ex pert advice .



“Here’s my tip – get started. The journey always begins with a first step, so don’t be afraid. That’s the fun of learning.


“Hi Al,

Thanks for posting my Caravan park videos. It appears it was a mistake to put them in a playlist. Half the viewers never got on to the second video in the playlist. It was the better one of the two. In the future I will send single links.

By the way, I worked out how to cut out a passable 00 Scale umbrella tent from paper. I plan to demonstrate it in Part III.

All the best,




And if you did miss Rob’s second video, it’s here:

More silly bargains to be had with the ebay cheat sheet.



PS Terry I have lost your email – photography site is here.

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  1. Very clever. I model in O scale, but the use of unconventional items for model railroad structures still holds. We used some commercial truck oil filters for oil tanks, drawer pull knobs for roof vents, and for a scratch-built “concrete” bridge, I used mouldings for sculpted columns and Wainscot cap for the top rail, with strips of plastic rain gutter screen (keeps leaves out of rain gutters) for the railings.

  2. Wow, great work and can’t wait to see progress on your N scale layout.
    I did something similar for the tanks. Bought end caps at Lowe’s in PVC white pipe that was in scale to HO and made one for my son’s platform, /Users/vincelongo/Desktop/IMG_59941.jpg

  3. verry cool
    and how easy to assemble…
    keep it runnin’

  4. TP cores make great HO scale storage tanks. Paint & decal as needed

  5. Once again Rob another great tutorial / update on Farland Howe, like the tips on creating the road surface to give the tyre tracks created over time. A tremendous layout, thanks for sharing. Pete

  6. Go for it Rob
    There is not much fun to be had in a model railway that has masses of scenery and no tracks to run on. The first try-out on mine required a clockwork loco as I hadn’t connected the power up.

  7. Nice frame work on your layout. Looks like it will be great when scenery is applied. Looking at it, one question I have is unless I’ve missed something, how are you going to be able to access derailments, cleaning track, etc..? By the picture it looks to large to be able to reach certain areas without a lift out or ways to get to a problem.

  8. Love the size, and am envious !! Wow, 17 by 9 is a wonderful size even in HO, but even better in N. Have not worked on model trains in 30 plus years, and am starting this spring on an N gauge layout on a 22″ by 45″ board (with some track already in place), so my challenge is two-fold; (1) to model in smaller size than I had been used to, and (2) to practice making the layout and scenery as realistic as possible. Wish you the best, Earl.

  9. Small layouts can be great fun. Don’t try to build a complete coast to coast railway with everything from a church and farm and funfair etc on one board. Select a theme/industry/ idea and build on that. Some layouts get very crowded – fine if you’re modelling a city or town-scape but I’ve seen some fine layouts with just a simple country halt and a couple of sidings with lots of space around them, A good backdrop helps. I’ve taken a few good ideas off this website for backdrops.
    I’m waiting for the weather to clear to get busy on an outdoor layout. D/

  10. nice work everyone.

  11. I’m trying to make large oil storage tanks can u get paper to cover large tins etc to make them look like oil tanks Ps oo scale

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