The latest from the talented Dave

The more I see of Dave’s layout, the more envious I get.

Anyhow, here’s the latest from him:

Don’t forget to have a look-see at the latest ‘ebay cheat sheet‘.



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  1. Great Dave but you never did say what video editing software you use

  2. just catching up on site new, really great features, keep em coming

  3. Kevin , I use CyberLink Power Director 9, then sometimes i put it in to Windows movie maker , then I upload to Youtube , it is a good editing programme , but a bit pricey , about £75 English

  4. Hope you get this Kevin , It is Cyberlink power director 9

  5. They’re a delight!
    Keep adding them to the set.

  6. I give up ! – There are no more words of congratulation that can be given.
    This layout should be on television as the background for a series about Railways (ala “On The Buses”) or for kiddies programmes or any other needing such a superb background.
    Heaven knows what the value is,(way beyond my pocket), but I hope it NEVER gets broken up because that would be a terrible sin. Thanks again Dave for letting us share this incredible modelling show.

  7. Excellent! Tell me where did you find the flashing “taxi” and “diner” signs?


  9. Thank you all , and John those flashing signs originate from america, but i get them through Express Models here in the U K but I think they export , just google them

  10. hi Al, just got thisone re Dave: brill as usual does he never sleep lol and have a special model railway account at his bank, keep on matey you are doing a grand job for us oldies trying the new techno stuff as DCC. kid regards Chris.

  11. Thanks Chris , my piggy bank is getting low , but it is an enjoyable way to spend those hard earned pennies, and glad that you all enjoy watching

  12. I enjoyed the film thanks Al for sharing it.

  13. Thanks Dave it does sound a bit pricey I shall have to think on that one
    Cheers and a great layout by the way

  14. Detail is superb! Great job, very very realistic, love the little side roads and their a-symmetry, landscaping detail, again very realistic. Enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Suspension bridges are not used for railroad trains.

  16. Hi Dave.

    What make of platform do you use in the station?

    It looks like Peco, but I wasn’t sure.

  17. I would like to know if his layout he built is for his home or something he built for a museum or other venue

  18. Is this layout for his home or some other venue. Very impressive

  19. It just keep’s getting better

  20. Excellent layout, I dream of something like it but haven’t got that far. I’m from Canada and worked for CN Rail, do marvel at the small size of the freight cars.

    Very impressive, keep up the great work.

  21. ‘Been out of the hobby for awhile(I Should have said Obsession) But love your layout & the excellent job you have done with sound & your landscaping is Fantastic….Watching your trains(which Look European) is a delight to an old model railroaders eyes……Love the Loft Idea.THe more I see your work,,,,,,the more I am beginning to get hooked again…I Had some Pre-war Lionel & Let Them go a few years ago….Biggest mistake I Ever Made…Where Did You Get The tanker Cars In Your Latest endeavor?Awesome Layout.Good Job!’

  22. How do you print the paper cut outs ?

  23. awesome this man is my modeling hero ..

  24. Some years ago I planned to build my railway in the loft but two reasons stopped me – it got to over 50 degrees centigrade in summer, and what would I do if we decided to move house. So I built it in sections in the garage and would occasionally join them together for a running session. Earlier this year we moved house and this has a large basement that I am using a big part of to build a permanent railway. I really envy Dave as he seems to have “pots of money” to build a fantastic layout. Mine is insured for $4,000 couldn’t even hazard a guess at what Dave’s is worth given the present retail prices.
    Keep up the videos Dave, gives me (and I’m sure others) lots of encouragement and ideas.

  25. The coffee ground ballast and tree tips are AWESOME!!!!!!

  26. To the anonymous poster: Actually the world’s first ever suspension bridge from which all others are copied was: a railway bridge at Niagra in the USA- look it up.
    One in Hong Kong is the world’s longest.
    But perhaps someone should tell Hornby as that suspension bridge is from them – I have one also.

  27. What scale are you using Dave???is it OO.

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