Video of Barry’s railroad layout

Here’s a great video of Barry’s completed model railroad layout:

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14 Responses to Video of Barry’s railroad layout

  1. And a good job Barry has made of that

  2. This is the best layout that I,ve seen so far. It’s ideal for a limited space. There is so much going on in this layout. Congradulations ! Al

  3. Great layout! What gauge are the trains?

  4. I like to know the size of Barry’s and if he could post a track layout sketch.

  5. Thanks for the nice photos and sharing them with us. I would like to suggest that all photo tours like this show a track plan so that we can associate the images with the parts of the layout.

  6. The rock walls look so real,I am having trouble getting mine to look so good. Overall Barry did a very fine job on this layout

  7. Great lay out, but the back ground sound rather spoilt the effect…but yes top marks to the builders workmanship..

  8. Hi Barry,
    The uneven junction between the two adjacent half of your road presents a superb opportunity for ROAD WORKS barriers, signs, workman leaning on shovels etc to be added to your magnificent layout.
    Also, for greater realism you could paint ‘repaired patches’ onto your road surfaces to highlight the all too common evidence of utilities typically digging up the roads to see whats beneath.

  9. Very nice lay out

  10. Great job Barry!! Looks like you’ve been working on that for awhile! Looks fabulous.

  11. Barry, like I said, it’s amazing what you created. It shows real workmanship and skills. Not that it amazes me; I always knew you were a ‘handyman’. Watching the movie adds to it, looks more realistic. Before of course I only saw pictures of it.
    Can’t wait to see your next project.


  12. Looks like you saved your best for retirement Barry!!

    Nice job Grampa.

    Brad S.

  13. A true pro at everything he does, Barry is able to produce a professional layout adults envy. His grandson is very lucky!

  14. Barry, I have to say that is quite a spectacular train set you put together for your grandson. The detail and design is truly amazing! I really enjoyed the video and the way it displayed the entire layout as well as the sound effects added that enhanced the whole experience. Great job!

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