Another tip from Mark

“Hi Al.

My “Tip for the Day” is that when a scene on the layout is complete, or even fairly close to completion, take a few minutes to snap some pictures and perhaps even a short video. Study these and they will reveal any items that need correction.

Then enjoy you creation with some “run time”. Attached is a short video of some action down at the roundhouse early one morning. Turn up the sound and wait for the action Model railroading is FUN!


“Hi Alastair,

Just thought I’d send an update on the layout!

Wow!! This has taken longer than I thought, it’s all the little bit’s that you think you have right, then suddenly bang!! Oh….. that doesn’t fit, back to the drawing board (as they say) but we’re getting there. ….. slowly ! It’s still a mess but I’m enjoying it, that’s the main thing isn’t it.

Control board with red buttons are turn outs etc! Large grey box with power supply will run the layout lighting, about 1000 LED’s.

Pics with LED’S are beneath the layout, so I can see what I’m doing when I’m on my back!

Hope that’s ok!

Any points please feel free to ask or comment. . feedback is always good. Positive or negative.

Happy modeling all.








A huge thanks to Hall of Fame member, Mark. The simple tips are always the best.

And thanks to Keith too – I do love seeing the progress pics of a layout. I thought his lighting for underneath the table was an excellent idea.

Don’t forget there are just two days left on my silly sale.

Thank you for all the emails on it – I think it’s a great deal but it’s nice when you get folk telling you that too.

But please don’t hang about if you like the sound of it – the offer closes at the end of tomorrow.

That’s all this time folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

You can grab the offer here, now.



14 Responses to Another tip from Mark

  1. Frank Hughes says:

    Just watched Marks video on the Roundhouse. It appears to me that the American engines seem to be more realistic when it comes to the sound decoders that we have in the UK. Tho I’ve only used Bachmann and Hornby sound de coders fitted into diesel and locos off the shelf. Their bells for instance seem to echo the programmes we see on tv.

  2. Fred says:

    Great Ideas and love what you have done. One suggestion to save you money in the future get some ventilation going in your control box. the LED’s don’t generate heat but the power supply sure does. I know they are not cheap, and heat will kill it in a short amount of time….

  3. Clark Ward says:

    Echoing what the fellow above said (it’s not showing a name, sorry 🙁 )… Make a little pattern and drill some 1/4″ (6mm) holes on the top edge of the box with the power supply (10-12 holes would be plenty), then make a larger hole on the side, over the electronics, for a 60mm 12V fan. They’re cheap and quiet, and that’ll keep your PSU happy for a long time. I’ve done this with my 3D printer PSUs, and other electronic projects like ham radio homebrew rigs.

    Side note, I love the roundhouse!

  4. Allan says:

    The start of the movement of the loco, was so realistic, and smooth.
    It was a delight to see.

  5. Ralph Berry says:

    Great tip Mark
    The only problem is that I have dozens of pictures of unfinished parts of my layout, my main trouble is deciding when they are finished enough to leave alone.

  6. Marty says:

    You power supply box is great ! Make the cooling holes on the left side next to the power supply and the fan on the right side so the air is flowing over the power supply.

  7. Christopher Allworth says:

    Mark, you have struck an ideal here which is very inspiring indeed!
    best thanks

  8. Phil says:

    Great stuff! – I would love to see your control electronics for the turntable.

  9. John Bennett says:

    Stunning. What a beautiful sound.

  10. Lindsay McIsaac says:

    Love the idea of leds under the table, it’s not the right time of year now but just after Christmas is a great time to buy leds, unsold Christmas tree lights are almost given away, where else can you get maybe 100 leds and a transformer all prewired, just string them around underneath the table. (white is obviously best)
    also the talk about a cooling fan for the power supply, very important, poke around in a PC repair shop, you may be able to get a couple of fans for next to nothing. even if you have to spend $5 or $10 for the whole box, you even get a power supply as well.
    Love the turntable. Now to find an area on my layout.
    Lindsay in NZ

  11. Barry Lawrence says:

    Keith, I hope you put a few air holes in your layout lighting box, as those switch mode power supplies do produce some heat, and, if left unventilated, will probably do some damage.


  12. Roy Pachkowski says:

    This hustler’s helper remembers this task. TOT TOT.

  13. Keith Willoughby says:

    Hi Guys,
    Thank you one & all for your response ‘s and tips, I will certainly get a fan in place for the lighting power supply, I have a couple of old computer towers in the loft so I’ll use the fans from them.
    Loved the turntable Mark, really smooth!

    Happy modeling guys,

  14. Paul Barton says:

    I agree with Allan, The slow running operation is fantastic. What kind of electronics ? makers equipment do you use to achieve this?
    keep up the good work

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