Dave’s RES coaches

“Hi Al, back home now, and guess what after a few bids on e bay for some more of the RES coaches before Xmas, which I did not expect winning, I now have a good rake of 7 running… good old e bay.

All the Very Best to you and all the Members for 2016 Happy Modelling to All Dave”

I know what Dave means – but I sill love ebay. And at this time of the year it goes nuts – you can get some real bargains as Dave found out.

Have a look at the latest ebay cheat sheet and you’ll see what I mean.

And Happy New Year!



PS Please don’t be shy to get in touch if you’ve got a tip, pic or video you’d like to share.

16 Responses to Dave’s RES coaches

  1. steve joyuce says:

    European I love it !! I model German (DB)…well i have boxes full of German stuff…LOL. Really liked the weathering on the rails. very realistic looking

  2. Lawrence says:

    What a great thing to see the first thing on New Years Day. I love it thanks

  3. Julian Holmes says:

    Love the coach tail! Just done the same with some locos on eBay and now have a clutch of duchess steam engines!! They will get used and loved like the others tho!!

  4. stevelewis_046@fsmail.net says:

    A few years back now I often used to be overtaken by a Mail Train! which was travelling to Holyhead, no doubt with Mail for Ireland, It was usually as was between Colwyn Bay & Llandudno Junction, where the A55 Expresseway runs alongside the railway, I would be doing I suppose 60 to 70ish and the train would be doing perhaps 80, it usually had 14 on and hauled by 2 47s!

  5. John jorgensen says:

    As always , I have enjoyed Dave ‘ s videos. And this one on his railway express system I enjoyed as well.
    He is very good at it, and I think he should be doing it for a living. I I don’t know what he is doing for a living but it should
    have something to do with model railroading instructions.

    Thank’s for showing his videos.

    Sincerely Yours, John Jorgensen

  6. Nathan Perreira says:

    Thank you Dave, for all your great videos throughout 2015 have a happy 2016.

  7. roger p says:

    Keep up the good work

  8. charlie says:

    Dave great job on your lay out. Always enjoy what you sent over, God bless happy new year.

  9. Robin Hallam says:

    always love seeing Dave’s layout something new or second time round; I did not see that. awesome detailing. I live in New Zealand; we have Trade me, ebay is overseas auction site. Both sites commonly used by train modelers.

  10. Mark Piznik says:

    I wish I had the space to do the same. Awesome job, Dave!

    NJ Mark

  11. jack lacy says:

    Liked Looking @ your Layout. What Gauge are the trains? What Size is the room? How Large is the Layout? Thanks for sharing.

  12. Keith Miller says:

    I am always pleased when Al says he has something new from Dangerous Dave – it is bound to be a treat! These videos need to be watched more than once – there is so much to see. I am always impressed by Dave’s camera skill – this time he turned himself through nearly 360 degrees while filming the rake at full chat: All the time keeping the picture nice and steady. That takes some doing.
    So: what with the great layout and ‘easy on the eye’ filming, Dave’s contributions are always a pleasure to see.
    Dusty UK

  13. Bob says:

    Nice, very nice! Yeh, there’s a lot of money invested in that layout, but I’m sure it’s worth every penny!

  14. Richard Sommery-Gade says:

    Thank you for the wonderful movies so I can live vicariously in H.O. world.

  15. Max Dosser says:

    I look forward to ‘Dangerous’ Dave’s displays and videos.
    But this one — Wot no Gingerbread man
    It is now 23.12 (11.12pm) and I am watching this contribution for the third time.
    Max Dosser
    Ferntree Gully, Vic.,

  16. Rod Mackay says:

    It’s a great shame the parcels and mail business has diminished so, there were many management efforts to reshape it and rebrand it (anyone remember “Track 29” which rose and sank within a year or two?) but most of them seemed to involve a lot of cost and a lot of cuts to where and when you could send stuff, and all seemed to insist that it had to be a standalone business meeting all its costs, instead of piggybacking on what we had to do anyway. Mostly gone now and all the while the roads filled up with white vans and motorcycle couriers.

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