Engine Shed Bundle

My Boy Wonder has been busy again. For months (years maybe) I've been badgering him to make an engine shed to add to his 'print out' scenery collection.

Well, in true style, he's come up with two. Have a look at them.

He's really got the hang of weathering these buildings now - don't forget, these are made from downloads. You just print them out, stick them to card and stick them together.

You get the 3d effect by just using two or three layers of the print outs.

I love the broken windows - really adds to the realism!

The inside it just as detailed - it's just the same printout stuck inside...

This one is a double shed.

This shot really does show off how 3D you can make this print out scenery look.

Some wonderful weathering.

And again, the inside is just as detailed.

Here's what the first engine shed looks like when you download it.

(Here's the second one in download form too.)

When the scenery is on your layout, it looks fab. Here's a video my boy did a while ago now (there are no engine sheds in it, but you really get a feel of what you can do).

Best of all though, because these are brand new on the site, you can get both engine sheds for just $9.97 - but not for long.

(This is how much they will cost each when I get the them on the site - so you're saving $9.97, or getting one free, depending on how you want to look at it.)

When you print these buildings out, they are HO scale. If you want them for N scale, just reduce them by 50% when you print them out. I hope you like these buildings as much as me - after all - what layout can't use an engine shed??

And of course, it all comes with a 60 day, no quibble, money back guarantee.

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