Engine Shed #3

Not long ago my Boy Wonder made some engine sheds, in his print out scenery range (a long time coming if you ask me).

And now he's done another one, which looks just as good as the others:

But what makes this one different, is my good griend, John.

He's been kind enough to put together a 'how to' video, so your print out scenery looks exactly like it does in the pics.

In fact, it's so detailed, it's 47 minutes long. So there are two version, the full length vid, and the short one:

Full length:

Best of all though, because this engine shed is brand new on the site, you can get it for just $5 - but not for long.

(When I get it on the site, it'll be $9.97, so you're saving just under $5.)

When you print any of these buildings out, they are HO scale. If you want them for N scale, just reduce them by 50% when you print them out. I hope you like these buildings as much as me - after all - what layout can't use an engine shed??

And of course, it all comes with a 60 day, no quibble, money back guarantee.

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