Good DCC??

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Good DCC??

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Posting for Rob:

I am new to DCC.

Is there a good make / model / sytemm to start with?
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Re: Good DCC??

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Look at the NCE Powercab. It can run about 4 HO trains at once and can be upgraded if your layout get very large without you losing the cost of your original purchase. They are available for under $200. Also you can accomplish any programing you may want to do. The programing is not possible with some other units such as Bachmann which you may be tempted to purchase.
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Re: Good DCC??

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I agree, the NCE Power Cab is a great way to start.

As my layout grew I added the SB5 booster to run more locos simultaneously. When you do this the Power Cab operates as a Pro Cab on the "boosted" layout but can still function as the Power Cab separately.

I also took the power supply and fascia panel for the Power Cab and setup a separate programming track where I can work on a loco independently of the main layout.
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Re: Good DCC??

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I use the PowerCab as well, but one which is radio-equipped, that talks to the RB02 transceiver that plugs into the Cab bus on the SB5 Smart Booster. This way, I am free to roam the layout whilst maintaining control over running trains (the PowerCab allows control over 6 locomotive addresses before you've got to use the "Select Loco" button to gain control over a seventh). Plus, each loco address can be used to control a consist with multiple locos, which raises the limit of controllable units on a "round robin" basis using the "Recall" button.
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