DCC help

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DCC help

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I despertly need help with DCC.I am new to N scale and just jumping into it it with both feet and starting with DCC. I’ve read 1 book, 6 N Scale Magazine articles and numerous on-line articles about it and I’m totally LOST! I can’t understand it and I have a GP-38 with DCC already installed arriving this week. I have an old MRC unit and my layout is built, 7ft x 3″ with inputs at each end. But I need to know how to program the new engine, where to get the resistor to use on an isolated track to program it. It runs regular engines OK. I’m 73 years old and have had HO with regular DC engines for over 40 years. HELP!!!
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Re: DCC help

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You did not mention what brand of DCC controller you are using. The throttle (cab) is what you use to program each locomotive with a unique address so it can be independently controlled on your layout. All locomotives come with a factory default address of 03 to make it easier to program them.

If you only have one locomotive on the layout at a time you can program "on main" without a separate programming track.

I suggest the NCE Power Cab system that incorporates the command station (brains) into the hand-held throttle so it is a self-contained system and is expandable.

I hope that helps some.

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