Bus wires

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Bus wires

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Posting for Andrew:

I am totally confused about bus wires. When does a track become large ebough to need them, and when it does, how do you add them?

Surely it's better to put then in whether you need them or not?

I've not made a layout before.
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Re: Bus wires

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ANY layout, regardless of size, will benefit from using a power buss.

12-14 gauge wire (red & black) run around the outer edge of the layout in a loop. Every 2-3 feet drop an 18-22 gauge pair of "feeders" down from the rails and attach to the buss.

If you have reversing loops or wyes make sure to isolate both rails on both ends of the loop or wye and then use an auto-reversing circuit (assuming you are running DCC) which can be fed off the same buss to power that section using similar feeders.
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