Different brands of track

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Different brands of track

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Posting for Karl:

Can I use different brands of track on the same layout?

Obviously it's all the same scale, but will it create problems if it's not all one brand?
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Re: Different brands of track

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Providing the rail used is the same height (usually shown as "code" then a number) it should work generally, but read on! You may need to tweak the rail joiners a bit, depending on the shape of the end section of rail.

E.g. standard Peco 00/H0 flexible track is "code 100" which means the rail height is 100/1000" i.e. .1". This is the same as Peco SetTrack and (I think) Hornby track. Peco also do a code 75 track and produce special rail joiners which allow you to join to their code 100 track.

Other brands of track might have a different code so you just need to check. Some types e.g. Kato and Fleischmann have a built-in ballast base and/or their own design for joining track. And Fleischmann is "stud contact" which means it is in effect three-rail (but looks like two-rail from normal viewing distance).

So, some types can be mixed but others can't.
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