Peco and Atlas turnouts

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Peco and Atlas turnouts

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Posting for Paul:

“I want to use curved turnouts on my layout. I have a collection of Atlas and Peco turnouts - can I use them all or will that cause problems?

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Re: Peco and Atlas turnouts

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Like you I am also a newbie so take this with a grain of.....

Track of the same gauge comes in a different height. I referring to the brass track. If the switches are the same gauge, (HO, N, O)and the track height is the same there should not be a problem.

Old-times, If I am wrong please correct me.
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Re: Peco and Atlas turnouts

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Yes, HO is available in code 100 (prototypical oversized profile), code 83 (prototypical profile) and code 70 for spurs/sidings.'

Rail composition, today, is going to be nickel silver. Brass and steel were used in the past but oxidized quickly which impacted the conductivity of the metals.

And finally you can get black ties, brown ties and even concrete ties.
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