Curves too tight

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Curves too tight

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Posting for Andrew:

I want to start on my first ever layout. I have a track plan in mind but I'm worried some of the curves will be too tight. How will I know? Is there are way of knowing without running the trains? Is there a 'rule of thumb' so I don't have to find out the hard way?
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Re: Curves too tight

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You do not mention scale in your question.

For HO figure 18" radius minimum for four axle road switchers and 22" radius minimum for six axle mainline locomotives.

If you are build a tight spaced switching layout, say on a pier, you could get away with some 15" radius with short cars and a smaller switcher class locomotive (Alco S series or EMD SW series).

For steam I would go beyond 22" if possible.

I hope that helps you out.
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