AR10s controllers not working

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AR10s controllers not working

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Posting for Karl:

I wanted to have two loops on my layout, so I bought two NCE automatic reverse controllers and installed them. After making other adjustments and experimenting at one time the system shut down. So something was wrong.

In the April issue of the “Model Railroader” I learned that you could not have two loops close together. I separated them but could not get the AR10,s activated again.

Did I damage them or is there a way to reactivate them?

Please help


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Re: AR10s controllers not working

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If the system shutdown I would say you have a short somewhere. If you suspect something in the loop(s) then disconnect the power to the AR10 units (one at a time) and see if the short clears. If not then the short is somewhere else on the layout. Look for anything spanning rails that could cause a short.
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