22" curves??

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22" curves??

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Posting for Tony:

“How much base board is required for a 22 inch radius track without it being cramped or looking odd?

I'm short on space and my layout needs to 'disappear' when it's not in use.

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Re: 22" curves??

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You might think a minimum of 44", i.e. twice the radius, asuming you need a 180 degree curve, but you need a bit over that.

It would be best to obtain a few curves of the radius required and do some measuring up to see what the actual radius to the outer edge of the track is. The 22" quoted might be to the inner sleeper edge, the inner rail, the centre of the two rails, the outer rail or the outer sleeper edge. Or to the inside/outside of any ballast base if it is the kind of track that has that included.

For example, some manufacturers quote radius at the centre between the 2 rails, so for a complete 180 degree curve (i.e. a semi-circle) you would need 44" plus the sleeper length (half a sleeper length each side). But that would put the track at the extreme edge of the baseboard, so you would need to add a bit on top of that which would depend on what kind of scenery you wanted to have between the tracks and the edges of the baseboard. You might want to ballast the track too, so there will be a small amount to add to allow for that.

Depending how far the track is from the edge you might want to think about how you could minimise the chances of a derailment causing an expensive fall to the floor!

Hope that helps.
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