Wiring question

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Wiring question

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Posting for Michael:

I’m looking for someone to help with a wiring problem that is beyond my ability.

My railroad has 4 cabs ( power supply ) 2 for the main lines and 2 for the year.

Cab A and B are main lines. C and D yard.

I want to be able to use can A to bring a train into the yard without stopping at the meeting point. Then switch to cab C or D once in the yard.

Can anyone help?
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Re: Wiring question

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I would think about adding a transition section where you control which cab owns the section (a or c) with a DPDT toggle switch. There would still be a momentary pause when you throw the switch but it should be very short and if you have cab c already set to the same throttle position the pause should be very slight.
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