Wiring switches

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Wiring switches

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Posting for Bob:

I have a simple 8x4 layout. I’ve never wired switches before but really want my layout to have some.

Can any of you give me some advice to save me some time and frustration?

Thank you.

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Re: Wiring switches

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Switch "machines" are controlled with three wires; a common and then one to throw the points one direction and a third to throw the points in the other direction.

Depending on the switches machines you elect to use there may be various options but you will need some kind of power source. This could be "accessory" power from a DC power pack or an independent power source. Atlas makes switch controllers that have a slide switch and then you push for momentary contact to send current to the switch machine. Slide it left to throw switch one way, slide right to throw it the other.

Some people use a SPDT, center off, toggle switch (preferably momentary contact so when you release the bat handle it goes back to off). Others use push button switches, again momentary contact, mounted in a board showing layout diagrams.

There are many great articles out there on wiring, and lots of YouTube videos as well. You will find all the help you need I'm sure.
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