Buss wire insulation

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Buss wire insulation

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“I saw someone joining a drop wire to a buss, which was blue and insulated.

A plastic joiner clamped the drop wire to the buss without removing the insulation on the buss line

No soldering was needed. Can anyone tell mw how this was done and how I can do it?

I know buss wires for different parts of the track should be different colors to avoid any confusion when joining the drop wires. But for the buss lines to be different colors they will be insulated...

How on earth can contact be made through the insulation??

It's a puzzle to me.

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Re: Buss wire insulation

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They are called "suitcase" or "quick splice" connectors.

https://smile.amazon.com/ZYAMY-Terminal ... r=8-4&th=1

Various sizes are available.

Here is another option to look at: https://smile.amazon.com/120-PCS-Wirefy ... s9dHJ1ZQ==

I have used both successfully myself

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