Making mountains

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Making mountains

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Posting for Roy:

"Might sound like a simple question but it's stopping me with my layout.

I want to add some mountains, but I'm struggling with the height.

How high can they be without looking out of place?

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Re: Making mountains

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I always thought a mountain was something at least 3000 ft above sea level (note sea level, not the surrounding land), but I have just been having a google and there isn't really an official definition, although it seems 1000 ft above the surrounding land (note, not sea level) is a generally accepted rule of thumb.

I know the US has a lot of very impressive mountains, but I have always wondered why our American friends always have "mountains" and never seem to have "hills" on their layouts 🙂

So taking the 1000 ft above surrounding terrain as a definition, in HO scale that would be a height of 1000 x 3.5 mm i.e 3500 mm or 3.5 m. That works out at over 11 ft above your baseboard(!)

I guess few people have that much room...much easier to just build 'em as high as looks right - use rough card outlines to get an idea before you commit to plaster - then if you want to be pedantic, call them hills 😉
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